Taking over Twitter @5pm Pacific

@comedycentral Roseanne is taking over Comedy Central for one hour Twitter


  1. Danielle kililani says:

    Aloha Roseanne
    I have just returned to Islands, Perfect Hilo. I was recently .introduced to long standing group of women called the W.O.W women (wise old women} I believe you would thoroughly enjoy their company. I also believe I have the largest dog in the Islands, he was a military dog and now is a service dog, frankly, Sir Oliver is a celebrity in his own, a giant gentle bear that make kids smile and giggle. My grandson is an Iraq vet who now has post dramatic stress, he was a young combat medic.
    The one thought I have always wanted to say although I do not write to persons I do not know personally. Any-hoot,is I always felt that your first time singing of the national anthem was a set up knowingly that you would fail, given your comic profession. And the fallout to you and your family was unforgiving, However, you stood up and showed your true persona and I will always admire your character. It takes a soul of a truly strong spirit to live your life as you have. Sooo, if you see a big bear posing as a dog driving! hanging his head out window around the island, no worry just Sir Oliver. I would of liked to send a picture for your grand children however, there does not seem a way to attach one.
    Mahalo for coming to the islands, this was the right choice.

    Aloha, Danielle Kililani

  2. Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] says:

    The “juice” is unity, all parties and independents working together as a team.

    Check out the 9th USA Parliament, the team created by cast ballots and eballots as proof under pure proportional representation (PR), Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, Hegenbach-Bishoff method. Where 1/1000ths of the votes (plus one vote) elects each of the 1000 members of parliament (MPs), with a guaranteed voter satisfaction minimum level of 99.9% plus 1000 votes:

    Very Truly Yours,
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    (415) 686-1996

    PS We’re looking for team players who want to work together in unity based on the mathematical count of (e)ballots cast as proof.

    Because of this math, we can work through the comedy of errors that continually haunts the peoples’ efforts for truly representative government.

  3. manda parker says:

    Hi Roseanne =) just wanted to make sure u know, u f**king rock! I have loved/ admired u for years, and i have to say, i think we’re 2 peas in a pod as far as our beliefs. I wish u the best in ur presidental campaign…we are definately in need of a good shakeup in this country, and i think ur just the woman for the job…u got my vote for sure =) P.S. did u happen to give a child up for adoption, June 02,1981 in Jackson, MS??? LOL! Had to ask…worth a shot. I’ll be tuned in to ur roast on comedy central Sunday…good luck, and keep on bitchin…ur the best!