Stop Monsanto in Ground Zero Hawaii

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  1. Acorn Buddies says:

    Thank you for helping Hawaiians spread the word! Institutions and people supporting biotech need to be held accountable for allowing them to spread poison throughout the world.

  2. I’m just horrified. Horrified that I’ve had my head stuck in the sand about this issue for so long, horrified at what Monsanto is doing to paradise, horrified that I live in the middle of dairy country and this has been an issue locally for awhile now and I’ve taken a “whatever” attitude about it. Thank you, Roseanne, for opening my eyes about this and so many other injustices being committed by these idiots-I will learn more, and learn how to get involved.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Your support for this is greatly appreciated. I hope others will come together and give us as Americans the same rights of knowledge of about our food as 50+ other countries already have.

  4. Catherine Johnson says:

    How the hell can Obama appoint a former Monsanto Lobbyist to be the head of the FDA?? How can he do that??? And this close to the election. I am WAY not a happy camper about that. That’s what Dubya and Cheney did, move the Monsanto food lords into power. No damn it. I don’t like it one bit. GET MONSANTO OUT OF WASHINGTON!!!!!!!NOW!!!!

  5. Barbara Sargent says:

    Mahalo for a most excellent film.

  6. Still can’t believe this has been going on so long in beautiful Hawaii! Monsanto needs to be stopped NOW. Thanks Roseanne for bringing attention to this important issue

  7. Although I am not Hawaiian, I know quite a bit about Kamehameha Schools and the Bishop trust and I really doubt that leasing land to Monsanto is what they had in mind for the future of Hawaiians….I know I am not alone when I say please stop leasing precious land to GMO companies.

  8. Thanks for sharing this Roseanne. We in Hawaii appreciate you support and let’s protect our copatriots from this stuff!

  9. Louise Butler says:

    Mahalo for posting the Kamehameha Schools’ involvement with Monsanto film!
    Hope to see you around Hilo Town again some time. 8-)

  10. thank you thank you! Mansanto Dow Singenta! They are all out of hand here in Hawaii buying up all the land and poisoning it! Ruining our GMO FREE crops without a care! They must be stopped.

  11. Glorianne Garza says:

    Thank you for getting this message out Roseanne! It is so important. LOVE this flick! We must hold Kamehameha Schools accountable for how they are using the land bequeathed to and for the people!

  12. Maharet Lefay says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for helping to spread this horrible information. Everyone needs to know what is being done to the islands.

    Aloha from the Kona side!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing!!!