Phyllis Diller – Comedic Legend & Wonderful Friend

On August 20, 2012 the world lost comedy icon and legendary performer, Phyllis Diller. For more than five decades Ms. Diller entertained people all over the world with her uniquely smart & witty comic style and won their hearts with her trademark cackle. But Phyllis Diller was much more than an entertainer or comedienne. She was a friend. She was a confidant. She was a mentor. And she will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, Ms. Diller. We love you and women in comedy are forever in your debt.


Listen to Roseanne’s last interview with Ms. Diller on KCAA Radio…


Watch never before seen interviews with Ms. Diller…


  1. Great interview. Love Phyllis Diller. The greatest stand up ever.
    Love you Rosanne for your balls and your honesty.
    If you are not elected president, we are all sunk.
    I wish I could vote for you.
    Good Luck from a supporter in the UK

  2. me to say this..Roseanne you are an inspiration to me & many others .. You are an amazing human being & I am greatful to be on this planet with you on this curiouse journey we all call Life.., You might ask why would some one say that to you ..This interview is a great example!!! What comes across to me is someone who is a wonderful friend, mother,woman & humanitarian.., Thank you for all you do.. : )