Peace and Freedom on the CA Ballot

Keep the Peace and Freedom Party on the California Ballot


The People of the State of California/Registered Voters

The signing of this petition is of paramount importance because there needs to be voices other than those of the Democratic and Republican Parties…which do not represent real choices. President Obama has taken more money from Bain Capital than has Mitt Romney. He took more Banker money in the last Selection Cycle than did John McCain. President Obama Insisted that the incarceration provisions in the NDAA remain in the Bill, he has Droned people in three years much more than Bush did in eight, he appointed Michael Taylor of Monsanto to be head of FOOD at the FDA, has held fewer Press Conferences than Bush, opened up more War Fronts, is lying about Syria and Libya (now we hear of moveable WMD in Syria, just like Iraq), he has Terror Tuesdays (described by the NY Times) where, with unnamed NSC staffers, he decides whom to assassinate anywhere in the world..including US Citizens. Mitt Romney will be/would be an equal Horror.

The “two party” system is not merely the Evil of Two Lessers….these parties are shills for Identical Corporate/Military/Media Interests. The American people know this…that is why Congress has a nine percent approval rating.

Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan are anti-war, anti-GMO, Pro-Consumer, Pro-Real HealthCare….and we are against Corporate Money in Political Campaigns, Against the Patriot Act….and for People.

So, please, Roseanne and Cindy implore you, as citizens, and NOT as Denizens of the Homeland, please make sure our voice is heard in California as a strong alternative to CIA/Military/Media/Corporate Power, and please sign this petition requesting that the Peace and Freedom Party remain on the Ballot in California .

Peace and Freedom Candidates:

Rosanne Barr for President


Cindy Sheehan for Vice President


  1. In addition to signing the petition, those who live in California can register to vote and affiliate with “Peace and Freedom Party”. If Peace and Freedom can increase its registration from about 60,000 up to around 110,000 it will be assured of maintaing its ballot qualified status. Affidavits of registration are available from your county Elections Department or Registrar of Voter’s office. Most libraries, city halls, fire stations, and many schools and organizations like the league of Women Voters also have these forms.

  2. Susan Burke says:

    Just last night, before knowing of the Barr/Sheehan ticket, I was speaking to my 21 year old son about the need for a write-in party in this election. Then I saw the interview on Piers Morgan’s show and although, I firmly believe it is time for a some down-home, comic relief in the White House, as what we, the American people have been dealt and listening to for the past 20 years has been an absolute blasphemous load of corrupt and wrong thinking by what are supposed to be the brightest people leading the way. So, I am writing in this team for our future, because it is time for real change and for the American people to reign their country back in from the “Fat Cats”, the “Big Banks”, the fraudulent FDA, the misguided AMA and the ridiculous USDA, and the rest of the “Gang who couldn’t shoot straight” if it mean’t saving their own lives. You go girls. I am with you all the way. Thank God for you and if nothing else help us laugh our way to the end of what surely will be our time, if either one of these other two candidates for president find their corrupt and bought asses back into the oval office! Sign me enlightened, renewed and rejoiced at having another option, two bright, strong-minded, outspoken women with a backbone and who have no problem saying NO to injustice in this country, which we have so strongly been dealt! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!