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  1. I’m a cynical 48 yr old woman who is overcome by cinicism and depression with anxiety. I wish we could chat as I spend lots of time in bed – watching ‘Rosanne’. From what I’ve observed of you out of character, I really have come to admire. I am thankful for your sitcome as it distracts me from my own self-pity. I wish I knew you personally. I feel like I could relate & learn so much from you!

    I don’t read e-mail so I’ll check back here & hope very much to hear from you.

  2. I am not thrilled with either democrat or republican candidate. I WILL vote for you Roseanne! I think you have true insight that is lacking in career politicians!

  3. U GO ROSEANNE .. i don’t care what people r saying .. but u r my favorite people_ person , i vote for roseanne bar to be president.. tc ….mrs. bar

  4. Luke Rhynalds says:

    I am a navy veteran of 4 years with only a fraction of the
    benefits I was promised. My life is going downhill fast and
    I have no options at this point. Please help before I become
    another homeless vet. Thank you for your time.

    • Helen Ferguson says:

      Why did you only do 4 years. My son is in the Navy.

      • Is his no longer being in the Navy really the issue here? Being denied the benefits he is entitled to as a veteran – active duty or not – is the problem, not the length of his service.

        Perhaps he was wounded in action. Perhaps he suffers from mental illness as a result of his service. We don’t know the details. As such, your comment comes off as pretty judgmental & callous.

        I don’t think a veteran who serves his country for even 4 days should be on the verge of homelessness or be denied the benefits he is entitled to, but maybe that’s just me.

    • I’m sorry to learn of your situation, Luke. I don’t know what state you live in, but there are many private charities and support organizations (like the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans) that help at-risk veterans like yourself.

      Please find & reach out to such a charity in your state. Since you’re not having much luck with the VA directly, perhaps one of the non-VA resources listed on their website can be of more assistance to you (

      Namaste. And thank you for your service & sacrifice.