Medical Marijuana

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  1. LadyJane Green says:

    What could be more revolutionary, more subversive, than growing your own Medicine! Why, growing your own food right beside it! Unfortunately we Amerikans have been divorced from the means of production, to the point where Ronald McDonald is our Cook n’ Farmer, and Big Pharma is our MedicineWoman. We can break this cycle of divorce from the source. Already we are witnessing a return to” home economy”, where people are growing their own, and feeling better than ever. Taking control of the means of food production is Empowerment at it’s finest. Being able to manage chronic health problems with homegrown herbs is a Freedom that The Man perceives as a threat. We must Fight this encroachment into our very survival. Roseanne Barr has always been a staunch supporter of Medical Marijuana, and Industrial Hemp. As a Mac Nut farmer, R lives the Soil=Soul Equasion. Not fully utilizing Hemp and MMJ is true Economic Folly, and will prove to be the downfall of our US economy.
    Barr Sheehan 2012, Peace and Freedom Party.

    “What’s so funny bout Peace Love and Understanding?” E.Costello

  2. I agree with DannyLee about the fact that the drug companies are the ones running everything, and they aren’t going to just sit by and have money taken out of their pocket. What’s so sad, is the fact that the world we live in today just doesn’t seem to care about anything other than Money, without money you can’t eat or have shelter or medical or dental care and in fact you can die without it and that is not the kind of world I want to live in. Why are our tax dollars going to fund a war instead of feed hungry children and adults? Or so many other worthy causes? Roseanne I hope more than anything that you are able to provide some kind of positive change to our world that it so desperately needs, it needs someone who understands. Thanks for being so open and for your support with gay rights and medical m. It truly means so much and I hope you and Johnny have a beautiful day.

  3. When I see what medical mj does for my daughter’s migraines, I can’t help but be in favor of it. MJ is not legalized for medical purposes, but they’ll throw all the legal highly-addictive psychotropic drugs down your throat faster than you can swallow them. HUH????? It’s been discussed that mj could be grown, rolled, packaged & sold, with the same sales limitations & taxes as cigarettes, but then the government would see fit to contaminate it with all the deadly chemicals that are packed into tobacco, then declare it unsafe for human use. I’m so for personal organic growth of mj & distribution to those who need it!!

  4. Won’t matter how hard it’s fault.. e
    Even if your pres.. The corporate world wont stand for it nor let it happen. They would just as soon cage everybody. To much of a cash loss. And after all. They are the ones making the rules no matter how much or who’s pocket they gotta fill.

  5. Shellee Craig says:

    I think it should be legal everywhere period

  6. I support your position. In a word, it’s sane.