Keep Peace and Freedom on the CA Ballot

Keep the Peace and Freedom Party on the California Ballot


The People of the State of California/Registered Voters

The signing of this petition is of paramount importance because there needs to be voices other than those of the Democratic and Republican Parties…which do not represent real choices. President Obama has taken more money from Bain Capital than has Mitt Romney. He took more Banker money in the last Selection Cycle than did John McCain. President Obama Insisted that the incarceration provisions in the NDAA remain in the Bill, he has Droned people in three years much more than Bush did in eight, he appointed Michael Taylor of Monsanto to be head of FOOD at the FDA, has held fewer Press Conferences than Bush, opened up more War Fronts, is lying about Syria and Libya (now we hear of moveable WMD in Syria, just like Iraq), he has Terror Tuesdays (described by the NY Times) where, with unnamed NSC staffers, he decides whom to assassinate anywhere in the world..including US Citizens. Mitt Romney will be/would be an equal Horror.

The “two party” system is not merely the Evil of Two Lessers….these parties are shills for Identical Corporate/Military/Media Interests. The American people know this…that is why Congress has a nine percent approval rating.

Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan are anti-war, anti-GMO, Pro-Consumer, Pro-Real HealthCare….and we are against Corporate Money in Political Campaigns, Against the Patriot Act….and for People.

So, please, Roseanne and Cindy implore you, as citizens, and NOT as Denizens of the Homeland, please make sure our voice is heard in California as a strong alternative to CIA/Military/Media/Corporate Power, and please sign this petition requesting that the Peace and Freedom Party remain on the Ballot in California .

Peace and Freedom Candidates:

Rosanne Barr for President


Cindy Sheehan for Vice President


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Ohio is a swing state too.If Roseanne comes to Columbus, Ohio i will help her get on the ballot here.

    Thank you!

    Christopher Michael Ward

  2. Solve the problems in Siria and you could win the presidency. What would a mind like yours do to solve this? Is it solvable? What should our current leaders do. You seem to find no ethicacy in modern political camps. Where do we go to find it? Who are the ones to pull U.S. out of our economic straights? Why are we stuck with the lesser of Evils? Wouldn’t ultimate power always corrupt? Has power corrupted U? I think you would be a fine president.

    • Norma J F Harrison says:

      Look at cause. Cause of the despoliation is capitalism. Cause of our enslavement to our Owners, enabling THem to rape the land using our labor they steal through ownership of governments – state, national, local – is capitalism. End capitalism by building the structures which erode and topple it. We have learned these are socialist. Socialist organization is us, workers controling the means of production/social ownership of all. No benefits to our Owners. All benefits to us ALL by and for us all.
      These are difficult – first for us to learn. We cannot have democracy for us all in capitalism. Perversion of democracy is utilized by our Owners. They buy it.
      Democracy in socialism is the opposite.