Dear Roseanne
About medical Cannabis, I recently saw your interview on David Letterman and did like how you spoke up.
My son became legal here in Canada at 15 for his progressive to terminal illness.
The bones in his body slowly fusing together starting with the smallest. He has suffered chronic pain – since birth.

Here is his story if you are interested in reading:

I truly thank GOD every day for this healing HERB!
I know often jokes are made but it is no joke to us or the many that truly suffer and Cannabis eases their pain. I am on a mission to inform parents everywhere about Cannabis and how it can help children suffering from Cancer, arthritis and MUCH MORE. Before we pump them full of toxic chemicals.

Please continue to help educate. As a mom I am sure you will understand where I’m coming from. I want this insanity bullshit over a plant to end so we can heal in peace and not just stress more. I am disgusted that I have to defend our choice sometimes – if he was taking morphine no one would even question it. BULLSHIT.
I decided to do what I do best- DRAW. I am happy to say I am now in several magazines seen all over the world.

Thank you ! Keep it up.

Cultivating Compassion
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  1. More people who use Medical Marijuana legally in their states which decriminalized it for medicinal use with a prescription are being denied the safe access of their medication. By the closure of brick and mortar dispensaries and by fear in many other counties by the Feds enforcing their version of the law, a patient is unsure if they want to grow their own, which is a larger charge and fine than of the infraction low priority charge if caught simply having some pot for recreational use. It is daunting. Its the old State’s Right’s Vs the Federal Government argument which has been ongoing in this country since their were states and state’s rights. We need a change in our policies towards the American people. I am hopeful Marijuana will be legal federally and by state in my lifetime.
    Anti smoking laws, which were aimed first at cigarette smokers, also include, by the fact it is still smoke. medicinal marijuana is being banned from many rental units, parks, the beach, both outdoors and indoors by people who have not political standing as they decide one day in a meeting to take pass yet another law which hurts nobody but themselves if broken. I know one will mention second hand, and third hand smoke, and point to that as proof smoking is not a victim-less crime, however there are other ways to ingest THC and Cannibnoids, the oils which take away tumors when rubbed over them through the skin in some patients.
    Victim-less crime should be left alone. It should be your choice if you wear a helmet while riding a bike, like to ride in the back of a pickup truck or smoke pot. Yes maybe you may get hurt doing these things but really who owns your body, you or the government. Does being a citizen mean your body is owned by the government who can tell you what you can or cannot do with it and why is suicide illegal? I have heard it is because you are destroying government property.
    In closing is this an exercise in futility ? Will Roseanneworld allow me to post today? Im old and have had trouble logging in. Will this be the day I am no longer subjected to comments in 140 keystrokes or less? Say a prayer!!!