Dear Roseanne
About medical Cannabis, I recently saw your interview on David Letterman and did like how you spoke up.
My son became legal here in Canada at 15 for his progressive to terminal illness.
The bones in his body slowly fusing together starting with the smallest. He has suffered chronic pain – since birth.

Here is his story if you are interested in reading:

I truly thank GOD every day for this healing HERB!
I know often jokes are made but it is no joke to us or the many that truly suffer and Cannabis eases their pain. I am on a mission to inform parents everywhere about Cannabis and how it can help children suffering from Cancer, arthritis and MUCH MORE. Before we pump them full of toxic chemicals.

Please continue to help educate. As a mom I am sure you will understand where I’m coming from. I want this insanity bullshit over a plant to end so we can heal in peace and not just stress more. I am disgusted that I have to defend our choice sometimes – if he was taking morphine no one would even question it. BULLSHIT.
I decided to do what I do best- DRAW. I am happy to say I am now in several magazines seen all over the world.

Thank you ! Keep it up.

Cultivating Compassion
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