CNN Pic August 9th


  1. Man, I am sorry that I missed it. Rock on, girl!!! On a side note, When is Roseanne’s Nuts coming back to television?? My girlfriend and I LOVED watching and even joked about when we finally get to go to Hawaii (in like a hundred billion years) that the first place we want to go is to your farm. We most definantly would fit in with your brood! You could have us on the episode where the 2 overweight ninja lesbians (and thier ninja kidlets) sneek onto your property and set up camp. Ha ha Ha. Keep on doing what you do. You are an inspiration to fed up women around the world!!

  2. Kate McShane says:

    You were wonderful on Piers Morgan tonight (and every other time I’ve seen you). You were so moving I started to cry (particularly when you talked about going to Stanford and about the lousy way you were treated for the Star Spangled Banner). Most of us have been through really hard times like that, if we’re worth anything. You’ve definitely got my vote. I loved the work you did for ACORN. Every time I see you, I feel filled with love. I hope that doesn’t sound strange. I don’t mean it that way. I also loved your short-lived reality show, every episode of which I’ve seen several times. I loved it when Johnny said he wanted some of that “nice breakfast wine.” It was a great show. We need a show like that. Good luck with your candidacy, and your life.

  3. cam molineaux says:

    I would like to join with you after I have conquered Canada. Close down the super capitalists and we can live a symbiotic life with our Mother Earth. Oh oh, it’s 5:20 and I’m an hour late. All the best to you Dear. Haha You Rock!