Barr-Sheehan 2012 – You Can’t Fool Us!


  1. Justin Jezewski says:

    Here’s our promo for Cindy’s appearance on Lifting the Veil with Cari-Lee!

    You have two big supporters here!

  2. Matt Babcock says:

    Roseanne, I’m keeping you in my thoughts, with hope that you can bring this nation together. =( I’m through with corrupt, greedy politicians. I’m through with inequality. I’m tired of seeing our laws being abused.
    I was taught that our laws were made as simply a “guide” to live by. Instead they’re laws that Americans are fearing everyday. Take the man in Oregon, for example, who was arrested for collecting rain water on his own land. I hope to see you speaking up for people like this.
    Anyways, ROSEANNE BARR 2012!

  3. I was born in TN in a building that no longer exists like many of my friends from here. I have lived here in TN my whole life it may sound dull, but so would any other place if you stayed there long enough. I went to a elementary school down the road, and a high school near by. May not sound like much, but experiences of life like the World Trade Center. The experiences that when the time, date, or price is just right you remember them. That is what life is you can choose to remember, or forget what history tought us biases or not. Life is our choice and we can either get onboard the train of life, or we can make our own choices. Choices of how to express one’s self. Even expression is an infinite variable that is only limited by you. Rather that your ability to express yourself is limited by the boundary of perspective.
    I believe in myself, and that I am human. We’re allowed to make mistakes. Mistakes are also limited by the perspection of what is socially, morally, or ethically wrong in our world depending on, any and every, one individual’s perspective of what is socially acceptable.
    Basically I am a expressionist.
    The only other exception to, any and every one perseption of life is physical opression by nature either naturally, or what I call my new perception of Natural Selection. Natural isn’t so natural any more, and we find that everything that happens is a result of a preceeding object or entity’s affect on said result. You have to ask yourself what if “I” were president of We or even the World. Cheesy or not the most favored response to our societies is memorable events, freedom, basic natural rights. This comes at price due to any and every one individual’s perspective of what is socially acceptible. What is good? What is bad? What is tolerable now, and can wait until tomorrow? When is tomorrow?
    I say its today for me. It is my choice not to buy a pearl or a diamond. Its my choice to buy affordable food because its the only option. I have to pay for an education like everyone that lives to pay taxes. Life has a natural flux artifically or not; like in school, work, and other parts of life that we “Endure” We fall into a category, one of many adjectives that lead to nouns, typically result in verbs, (spoken or not). Through the past to the future one thought or action could change the future, but ,any and every, one’s intentions/ decisions one makes writes history. Humanity is our past and future, but ask yourself if the present is relevant. You have a choice in the relevance to yourself and any one individual’s right to their humanity.
    Be kind and just for the sake of all things that make you, like Fred Rodgers said to so many “just by you being you.”
    Fred Rogers Acceptance Speech – 1997 (You Tube)
    Do not forget the people in your life that created the person you are today no matter how small of an importance. Everything happens for a reason, and you have to be brave and proud enough to open the door, and hold it for them. Everything that is under the sun has happened before, and for the sake of humanity one should not expect for them to hold your hand and wait on any and every one person. Rather that in their likness of humanity any one individual should find their own door in order to truly live.
    Alyssa D. 8/18/2012