Anti Gay Preacher Convicted of Obscenity

Anti-Gay Pastor Grant Storms Convicted On Obscenity Charges


Want some piping hot Schadenfreude for breakfast? Well here it is…

Anti-gay activist and self-confessed hypocrite Grant Storms, made famous for his homophobic crusades during New Orleans’ annual Southern Decadence event, has been convicted of obscenity after being caught masturbating in a public park.


[Judge Ross LaDart] promptly found Storms guilty of the single count of obscenity. He sentenced Storms to three years of probation, citing no evidence of a criminal history.

LaDart also ordered Storms to be evaluated, apparently psychologically. The judge noted that in Storms’ confession, he admitted that Feb. 25, 2011, the day he was arrested, was the third time that week that he masturbated in Lafreniere Park.

“Lafreniere Park is a public place,” LaDart said in announcing the verdict. “Lafreniere Park is a place that was chosen by this defendant to engage in a history of masturbation.”

Storms declined to testify. His attorneys, Brett Emmanuel and Donald Cashio, did not overtly deny their client masturbated in the park but argued he never exposed his penis. The exposure was a necessary element of the obscenity charge.

In his confession, Storms told Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Kevin Balser he had taken a break from his grass cutting business to sip a beer in the park, where he said he became “horny.” He said he put his hands into his underwear, but he never exposed himself.

Storms said previously he was looking for a “thrill’ by taking care of his business in public.


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  1. Somebody send this guy a muffin basket. This. Is. Awesome. As more of these self-righteous assclowns are outed as the despicable pieces of human waste they are, the more people will begin to understand that religious zealotism is a really easy way to distract people from your own depravity.

    How many of these finger-wagging douchebags have to prove themselves to be the antithesis of Christianity before we stop using a self-proclaimed belief in God as the primary measure of a person’s morality? What would his sanctimonious pals on the right have said if he’d been arrested in the park with one hand down his pants & the other on his bible?

  2. LadyjaneGreen says:

    Ah, how enjoyable it is to see the Karmic wheel of Justice roll over this Asshats’ oft publicly exposed Gennies. I’m not saying that public Master-bation is benign,or close 2 morally acceptable, but I am certainly glad Dude had his love gun in his hand. Not a legally purchased Semi Automatic,or Sawed off Shot Gun, or whatever statement maker the latest frustrated White Man-(churian) can get their Mitts on.
    Does anyone even take seriously these rabid Homophobes and the vitrol they spew? Of course. The angry white male with his dick in his hand is a commonly exploited demographic! Why i’d have to say the majority of the so called modern world is catered to their creature comforts. Let us all wonder how many incidences it would take for one to fully “engage in a History of masturbation” Seriously, Dudes and their Dickery crack LJG up. One could say that for Grant Storms, the thrill must definitely be gone, at least in that particular Public Park.Thats Public, Dude, not Pubic. No doubt that perv already has a plan B place staked out for his next outdoor Prick-nic. When you hear people say that “Children aren’t even safe playing in the park”, think of this creep with his hands full in the grass.
    Is it just that women are too busy communicating and multitasking to pass the time beating off in a park, or paying for Sex in an alley? Perhaps. Maybe if our Patriarchal world wasnt so rigidly sex role defined, this Storms guy could find someone else to “share his Interests” and he could rent a room. Until then, nowhere is really safe anymore. And the biggest Homophobes want “IT” the most. Irony can turn deadly in an instant. Especially when closeted sexuality is involved.