“Wow, this is completely embarrassing…..I guess if you cannot get the nomination from one party then totally join another one! Is that how it is? Well, the joke is on all of us this time cuz Rosanne and Cindy are just trying to edge out the competition from a more qualified candidate who has poise, elegance,governance, brains AND tact. I am sorry to say that both these ladies are lacking at more than a few of these and because of petty jealousy and personal ambition would like to create another popularity dog and pony show, which will only discredit radicals on the left.”


“The Wash Greens were one of the worst in 2008. They sent out a pres. preference ballot to their members with all the approved candidates of the GPUS. They didn’t like the result, so they tossed them and sent out another ballot without Nader’s name on it. All the people in that state who cared a damn about democratic standards within the party have left. We shouldn’t change what we have to say based on not wanting to offend them. We offend them by existing. I guarantee it won’t improve what they say about us to be even nicer. Nader tried that — wouldn’t say a word about how they rigged 2 nomination processes against them. But they still gripe and lie about him and anyone who was connected to him.


  1. IT ‘ S AMAZING ! God created the universe and everything in it
    yet he got that marriage thing all wrong. What a goof. Fortunately
    for us we have Jane Lynch to straighten us out. Our moral compass.

    Thank God for Jane Lynch. Whoops . . . I guess we shouldn’t thank God
    since he got it wrong, Uhh . . . I guess we should thank Jane Lynch
    for Jane Lynch because she must have created herself.

    It’s interesting that Gay people who have fought for years asking for
    tolerance and respect from others seem to have no tolerance or respect for anyone
    who disagrrees with them. Interesting concept.

  2. So, the first thing you want to do is buy votes by forgiving student loans. Who do you suppose is going to pay for those loans? I’ll tell you…the middle class. If you really wanted to help, you could investigate and fight the causes for tuitions having gone up exponentially.

    But, you’re no different than the next elite socialist. What really gets me upset about Hollywood’s love of socialism, is that you all could have 80% of your money taken from you and you could still retire comfortably. You’ll be just fine. As it is, I’ll never be able to retire. But, you’re only too happy to have me give even more to the socialist state. Maybe we can invest some more in Obama’s green companies that are all going out of business.

    All your bloated social programs do is make America fat and lazy by taking away any incentive to work. Pretty soon there will be nobody left to feed off of….just parasites and no hosts. An astute person might have a look at what’s going on in socialist Europe which is about to collapse. And, you want to make us just like them. What you can’t seem to see is how close we are to empty food shelves. Food stamps won’t pay for food that isn’t there. Once you and Obama get your wish and you’ve collapsed the economy, it will be interesting to see how much you care for the starving and dying. You will be nowhere to be found, but you’ll be just fine.

    Hey, just my opinion. For a little while longer, I’ll actually be able to voice it.

  3. Dear Ms Bar,
    Please let me say that you ave grown into the most beautiful person, inside and out. I think you have always cared about others and the rights of all but as we both enter our 60th year (nov 21) you have become just a regular kind and loving lady. I have followed your carreer as millions of others. Even though you have made lots of money you are now giving back and that moakes you beautiful. As far as your running fr president, why? you can do so much more if you don’t have your hands tied behind your back by the white house or your mouth shut by protacal. But you wil have my vote in any role you wish to pursue as I believe in your heart you are just like the rest of us who care about our world and the world in which we leave our children and their children.
    I would love to come stay with you for a couple of weeks and work along side you and your son jake producing veg. nuts and fruits to give to others. I could learn so much from you to pay forward.
    You have made me laugh, pee my pants, more than a few times. I will continue to look up to you and learn from you. Thank you for being you.
    your friend, robyn