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    These are some initial thoughts about the tragedy that occurred in Colorado, where a young man, studying advanced neuroscience, went on this rampage at the premiere of the Batman movie.

    One thing that comes to mind: What was this person's general mental state? Apparently he was very bright, the "top of the top," according to the University.

    This shows, first of all, that brightness does not mean, balance. Brightness does not mean, attached to the inner logic, and the inner core. Brightness sometimes can mean, totally invested in (outside) learning–moving outside of one's 'still soft voice'– and just tuning into the outside world, and outside information.

    I think that this tragedy hopefully will bring a lot of discussion on, "What is mental health?" and "What is balance?"

    It may go the other way and say, this was "just one completely aberrated person," and though there's a lot of truth to that, there still might be some learnings in this. If an aberration, what was going on psychologically for many, many years? Because the mother made some statement, apparently to someone (inquiring), saying "oh yes that would probably be my son." .. when someone had called her initially.

    That would lead me to believe, something has been going on, for a long time.

    Another way-out possibility is: he was doing some research on himself–with effecting his neurology. This (whoole incident) does remind me of some very bizarre actions that can come out of some of those drugs of the 1960s, that people were actually researching and experimenting with. Sometimes pretty horrible outcomes would occur, and a complete lack of distinction between reality and non-reality.

    So these are some thoughts on, what may transpire, in the media over the next days and weeks, maybe months. I doubt if there's going to be a reassessment on, Hollywood's impact, kind of a hypnotic impact, on the state of the overall consciousness, upon the state of the young people as they develop, from early childhood experiencing some of these extremely and extraordinarily graphic types of violent fantasies–as compared to those who know reality, and know that they're dealing with a fantasy when they're seeing these movies.

    Most older people know that; and hopefully the younger people still know the difference between what's a reality of shooting, and what is a fantasy.

    So those are important things to look at, and: What's the influence on the culture? There are some cultures, Orthodox cultures, that will not look at any TV, or look at any movies, unless they know what they're going to be seeing, and it's not just catching them by surprise.

    One other point here is that some of the good TV stations still don't have a handle on, what to show on the screen? Case-in- point, when they're talking about severe emotional pain and post-traumatic reactions and tramatic reactions:

    That is not the time to put a little insert of the smiling, grinning shooter. If you are going to be talking about him and his background, I guess put up his picture–and a little smaller than the other pictures–not larger–and, don't put them up at all in the little corner there–as you're going through the destruction and the upset.

    That might look good to somebody who is just doing graphics, who is not thinking; but to the viewer, even those who don't know about trauma, stress, posttraumatic stress ..

    There have been a lot of calls in–for instance to Fox news. "Why do you have that there? Take that out." When I made a couple of calls, more from a professional point of view, I was led to believe that they had a whole number of calls on that. So I think the general public realizes that too–similar to the 9/11 multi-impact trauma, when the buildings were played over-and-over-and-over. There is a parallel in there in a sense.

    Okay .. just some initial initial thoughts here .. and .. Blessings to all to re-find and connect with Spirit and peacefulness .. during these trying times.