Take your best Shot by David Arnott


  1. Barbara Williams says:

    Dear Roseann,
    I have a friend who is an Organic Landscaper/Macadamia Farm Caretaker who can help you with your grove. He manages several successful macadamia groves in southern CA. Would you like to contact him for macadamia advise? Let me know via email and I’ll help you make the connection.

    One solution he mentioned to me once was the fact that he hangs nets below each tree to catch the nuts, which might solve your wild pig problem if they were hung high enough. Great idea huh!?

    Love you and your show…Johnny’s a keeper, however, your Son pushes all your buttons intentionally. Are you certain you want him permanently on your last nerve?

    Thanks for all the laughs, and for having the courage to be completely yourself on camera. The rest of us Baby-Boomer Goddesses love that you are real…

    We totally appreciate your presence in our lives….
    Warm Regards, Barbara Williams sweeppeace@gmail.com

  2. David Millson says:

    It’s entirely appropriate to take a shot at this woman. Who in her right mind would Twitter the telephone number of the prents of an ALLEGED shooter Actually, that’s redundant. It’s clear from her behavior that the Queen of Disgusting has no affect at all. That means she sees no one else in the world but herself. Hooray for her outing innocent people. She should only go home, get laid, and shut up.