Crazy Horse!!! JIM -where are you?? i cant get a response from U!!!


  1. wilton mann says:

    Barr you want to boycott North Caroina good then keep your fat ass out. I dont know if you are more ugly on the inside or out. By the way my wife just died of cancer so make sure you dont come to NC, SC, hell lets just make it the whole SOUTH. And if you do I will be there to give you a peice of my mind. We all know you cant handl that. Your soo full of hate I think only you can understand this, “FUCK YOU YOU FAT FAT FAT FUCKING BITCH!

    • thank god you are NOT full of hate-

    • WOW

    • Why is it, that the more someone hates on Ms. Barr, the more atrocious their grammar is?

      Listen folks, the world isn’t nice. It is not fluffy bunnies and rainbow shitting unicorns. She, as with everyone else, is fully entitled to say whatever it is she wants to say. You, your mother, and your drunken, 2nd cousin twice removed, have no right to stifle her or her opinions on matters that she is passionate about. As for you, Mr. Mann, if she is full of hate, then you sir, must crap pure, concentrated evil from that dank crevasse you call your rectum. At least, judging by the sheer amount of hatred your comment radiates.

  2. Ms Barr,
    I remember you when you first were on the Tonight Show with J. Carson. Since then I have watched you do your shock crap, trying to stay in the spotlight and I thought, this is her schtick, she has a right to think and feel as she chooses, knowing there are consequences to our actions. I think your low point is with your comment about Chik-Fillet.

    Who are you to dictate what others think or feel? To not allow others to their opinions is simply another mark of communism that is staining our LIBERTY. You do know what Liberty means don’t you? And for you to make such despicable comments only reflects your ignorance and lack of compassion. I watched my niece die from cancer and you make such a flippant remark over something so many are suffering with. Shame on you.

    Lady, everything we do is known by God the Father, and you will answer for your sins, just like the rest us. And whether or not you believe that is irrelevant. You will before God, this comment will be on the top of the list. Maybe you need to look up the “gnashing of teeth” and the torment that never ends. That awaits you unless you repent the godless and vulgar life you have led. Your “fruit” is rotten, or maybe you don’t know what I am referring to, doesn’t matter. God has given you ample opportunity to know His Word. For me and most decent people, to make such a horrible mark is just not part of our reality. You wish cancer on people that don’t believe in gay marriage…….. you have no value system other than Rosannes way or the highway. And all this over gay marriage…Boy, I am so glad a person like you can be shut off.

  3. Barr Roseanne says:

    Rosanne Barr…you’re so dumb, you couldn’t win a free toy in a child’s meal from Chick-Fil-A.

  4. LINDA MARKAHM says:

    You are a disgrace to the human race. Your comment about You hope people who eat at Chik-Fillet-A get cancer??!!!! Disgusting..This is what happens to people who have no religion, morals or compassion. I’ve have cancer twice, and as much as I hated having it and the ordeal I went through, I would never wish it on anyone!! Take my comment off…That’s what a coward does! You’re out of the spot light so you need to make crazy ass comments to get publicity!

  5. Morgan Jeanaee' says: