Another Great Graphic by David Arnott


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    David did a good job with this piece of art! BARR2012!

  2. Al Burchfield says:

    I would be willing to donate money to Ms Barr if he would just keep her fat, ugly,stupid,no-talent moth shut. Did I leave out fat ass? Oh yeah..fat ass moth shut.

    Ms Barr you’re a frigging idiot! Please just go away. Whereever washed up bad actors go? Please go there.

    • Al Burchfield:

      If you are going to insult and belittle, I suggest you learn proper grammar and spelling. Perhaps when throwing accusations of stupidity, your response should not be accompanied by such atrocious grammar? Also, what, if anything, does fatness have to do with an individuals ability in politics? Have you even seen how portly the previous presidents were? Is it because they are men? Should a female presidential candidate only be evaluated on whether or not their butt jiggles? As for attractiveness? I have yet to see a president that was hot or even remotely attractive in the manner that you appear to be evaluating Ms. Barr. Your words are ugly, just as your personality and the internet tough guy facade you put on. Stop embarrassing yourself, Mr. Burchfield, as throwing such weak personal attacks won’t make your penis any bigger.

      Please continue being your awesome, boisterous, and vocal self Ms. Barr. It’s about time that an actual third party candidate rose up and had the balls (ovarian or testicular) to say what needs to be said.