Time for a Good Ol Texas BBQ


  1. James, yes the apportionment system was jacked up by CA delegate Cat Woods, acolyte of Camejo/Nader back in the mid-2000s, and CA has had controlling interest in the National Committee who votes in rules and procedures, and TX has been and is working on a proposal to revise the system to reflect reality and not the wishes of those who don’t live in Jim Crowe states.


    In Texas we use Approval Voting which is the simple version of the best voting system of Score/Range Voting. We do NOT use IRV or plurality.

    The problem with the ballot count was that the people counting them (not Jill Stein btw) didn’t understand how to. We had a recount.

    You aren’t even in TX or participating in Green Party process, so WTF?

    You and Rhett are causing all sorts of drama because you are independent and unwilling to learn process that has been established and why before slamming people for what is happening. There are problems, but spreading misinformation and outright lies does no good.

    Get off your crackpot and go do some grassroots work.

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    God Bless Texas!