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No Life Boats for Lower Classes


  1. This makes me laugh so hard that I snort and then feel saddened in that this is all so true. God love you Rosanne, I do. I now need to go read a book by Sylvia Browne to cheer up in that this physical world can be so icy cold. My favorite pink book of psychic/spiritual teacher Sylvia Browne is IF YOU NEW WHAT I NEW.

  2. Michael S. Levinson says:

    We need to dump the 535 and establish a $3 check off on our income tax for the First Amendment Speech Fund. You declare your candidacy and you have $250 million in the bank to book the slot you want on the station or network of your choice.

    The broadcaster gets their ad dollars lost from the speech fund. You deliver a broadcast speech without asking anyone for a penny. You take an oath at the outset the words are your own. Leaders will come forward.

    We need to dump all of the state legislatures, too, and limit the powers of the governors. In New Hampshire the members of the House—at least a couple hundred people do not get paid! We should do that in every state and get rid of all the incumbents.

    Then we have a chance for political renewal. Don’t trust anyone under 60.;