Letter Re Electoral College

Dear Roseanne,
I will need to know soon whether to plan on the lawsuit in Philadelphia as I am running low on funds altogether.
The Electoral College spreads the Wisconsin model across the nation. Citizens United has increased corporate funding 425%. Two thirds of Walker’s funds came from out of state. Money is free to cross state lines under the commerce clause. But the Electoral College stops the opinions of the people of the United States from joining together into a national opinion. This allows corporate money to overwhelm the local forces at a few pivotal locations. Only ten of the states are still in play; 200 million are already spectators in the momentous decision.

The defenders of the Electoral College operate on principles utterly alien to the Declaration of Independence. They don’t think that all people are entitled to a vote; they don’t think that all votes should be equal; they don’t think the greater truth goes with the greater number. They operate on the principles of Machievelli that every argument is permitted in order to win.
We are about to fall under the reign of money pure and simple. We will be drowned in debt and the social network gutted.
Every progressive movement in this country has taken the Declaration of Independence to heart. The abolitionists, the women’s movement, the populists, the progressives, and the civil rights movement all championed the Declaration over the Constitution.
We’ve come this far. Let us put the issue before the people and let the people decide.
Yours truly,
Gary Michael Coutin