Green Votes and Roseanne


  1. urbanteach says:

    I don’t tweet or twat or facebook. I have been absent here in the struggle but not absent in the fight. I had the honor today of receiving in my mailbox today a letter from Obama, no really a request to give monies to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, instead of enclosing my hard earned cash: This is my reply…

    Go Sister Roseanne!

    Dear DSCC,

    I have been a democrat my whole life. My mom is a democrat and raised me with the ideals of a political party that stood for creating a safety net for the working person and all the rest. I was also raised in a union household that afforded my family to feed, clothe and school five children with health benefits and an honest wage for an honest days work. I am a union member today. Unfortunately, I can no longer align myself with a political party that has sold us out. You see, I live in Chicago, yes, home to President Obama and Rahm Emmanuel. And all the while when I was voting Democrats into office (and giving my hard earned dollars to the just cause) organizations like Stand for Children (translation: Stand on Children) and the appointed board personnel like Billionaire Penny Pritzker where raising money (much more than I can contribute) to Democrats who like our fearless leader in the State Government the dishonorable Michael Madigan have made the working conditions and honor of the job of teacher something to that of a used car salesman with a questionable title. So, may you now look to the likes of these individuals who seek gain on the backs of the honest workers to support your party. After all, you have worked to create the oligarchy… by the way did you hear? Green is the new black!

    In Solidarity!

  2. Marlene Riviere says: