Endorsement from President of Wellston City Council

Press Release


President of Wellston City Council Endorses Roseanne Barr

As President of The Wellston City Council, I am proud to express my support for Roseanne Barr for her candidacy to become the next President of The United States of America. Roseanne has the courage to stand up to the status quo politicians in Washington and fight for the middle class. I believe in Roseanne and in today’s world of politics it is hard to find a candidate that you can truly trust. She has fought against the 1%, and stood up for the 99% in the Occupy Movement. She has expressed her plan to create jobs for Americans through Green jobs such as farming and putting Americans back to work rather than having major corporations send our jobs overseas. Our government was designed to be by the people and for the people, and with Roseanne Barr as our next President we will finally have the voice we need in the White House.

President Thomas Jefferson once said that “One man with courage is a majority” and in this case it is one woman with courage. We need more people in America to be like Roseanne, not afraid of a challenge and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I faced the same challenges when I first ran for public office at age 18. I was young and had ideas for a better Wellston. Status quo politicians in the city laughed at my candidacy, saying that no 18 year old would be elected. But as my campaign continued and people began to hear my vision for Wellston, the people spoke and overwhelming elected me as Second Ward Councilman. I proved myself to the people, and in 2011 I defeated and incumbent and became President of The City Council.

To me, a public servant is someone who represents the people that they serve. Not a political party and not a corporation. Someone who isn’t afraid to stand up against the establishment, and will not back down on their beliefs regardless of the pressure that is put on them. Too many politicians back down on their promises, and with Roseanne Barr our next President, I know that we will have the leader that Americans have long searched for.

It’s time for a change in Washington. Its time Americans had a true leader in the White House that will represent the working class American, not a political party or a corporation. Its time that we have Roseanne Barr our President! I am asking my supporters, and Americans that feel the way I do to support Roseanne and finally turn our nation around, and restore the American Dream!

May God Bless America,

Luke Scott

President of Wellston City Council

Wellston Ohio