Tune In This Saturday to a Green Party Presidential Forum

Green Party

Dear Dennis,

Party contenders Roseanne Barr, Kent Mesplay, and Jill Stein are set to
square off in a Presidential
forum this Saturday evening in San Francisco.

Co-sponsored by the California League of Women Voters, the forum will
feature the three Green Party candidates who will appear on the California primary

ballot next month.

forum will be shown here on the Green Party's Livestream page.

of the three invited candidates is working to win delegates to bring to
the Green
Party's national convention this July 14th in Baltimore.

for the convention and the Green Party's Annual National Meeting is open.

Registration fees will increase when late registration begins on June
1st, so register now to save!

Please tune in to the Green Party Presidential forum this Saturday!

Urgent Call For
Ballot Access Volunteers and Donations

top priority for the next two months is to win ballot access in as many
states as possible. We are currently on the ballot in 21 states and have
the opportunity to be on more than 45 state ballot lines this November.
But we need your help. Click
here to volunteer to petition, lobby for fair ballot access laws, and
hold states accountable in court.
You can also make
a direct contribution to cover the costs of petition drives.
you for your support!

Spring 2012 Green Pages Available for Purchase

The Spring 2012 issue of Green Pages, our national newspaper, is
now available! Click
here to purchase a bundle of 100 issues
, or here
for a bundle of 50.

The latest edition includes stories on our 2012 Presidential
candidates, continued Green Party support for the Occupy movement, and an
analysis of how Greens run successful campaigns and influence their
communities once in office.

here to order the latest issue today!


  1. Dennis – Can you attend one of the debates?
    Maybe we could do it on Skype?
    Your choice.

    Please call me 415-368-8581

    Tenants & Homeowners Installing Solar panels
    ( T.H.I.S. )

    Candidates speak out for
    installing solar to stop wars.

    Join Roseanne Barr,
    Dennis Kucinich,
    Stephen Durham,
    Dr Jill Stein
    & moderator Paul Kangas
    debating if install solar panels can stop a war.

    The German working class has installed millions of solar panels, created 300,000 new real jobs, generated $1 billion in new taxes for Germany, and shut down half their nukes.

    Germany did this in response to Fukushima, by installing millions of solar panels on millions of homes across Germany.
    Germany is now the greenest nation on earth.
    When the world economy collapsed in 2008, the German economy kept growing because they had passed a Feed in Tariff in 1991.
    Germany has transitioned into the solar age.
    This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

    The Germany model has now been copied by Japan to deal with their crisis. Theirs comes into effect June 1, 12.

    Now China has passed a Feed in Tariff.

    June 3th debate SF, noon, Bryant & 2nd st

    July 4th Wed, debate SF noon You have nothing better to do on July 4th.

    Aug 5th Sun
    Sept 2 th
    Oct 7 th

    Paul Kangas, co-founder of THIS.