Just wanted to say that I think you are a FANTASTIC human being and a FANYASTIC Mom and woman !!!

    You have a pig problem… I hsve been born and rraised on farm life….. pigs especially the wild ones are extreme;y INTELLIGENT and DESTRUCTIVE !!!!

    The answer to your situation is to use ELECTRIC 2 strands….. the first at 6 inches from the bottom and the second another 6 inches above the first…… attach the 2 strands using a 5 or 6 inch plastic extender ….which is made to clip easily to steel posts.
    You can thrn hook up to ehe largest electrical box….. again. these are made for the farm and can be bought for solar installation….

    No more pigs digging under your fencing !!!! cost is minimal…. considering NO MORE EXPENSSE IN losing your farm income !!!!! No more hiring pig catchers either !!! relocating I do not advise due to the high baby production and to be resonsi[;e as a farmer……. you are NOT then part of someone elses problem on their farm…… and it is far more HUMANE then hunting or catching,,,, unless for the meat.

    pigs are EXtremely destructive!!!!

    Hope this helps, God Blrss you. your family and all those you love and who love you.

    Sincerely, VL Rappa