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A Radical Approach to Middle East Peace: No More Peace Talks
Year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation, people around the world have dreamed of Middle East peace…most specifically, peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And over those same units of time, people have been optimistic, or tried to be optimistic, or forced themselves to be optimistic with each new set of “peace talks,” only to leave disappointed, discouraged, and desperate.

But what if, in fact, the path to Middle East peace involved an approach that completely turned this seemingly foregone conclusion of diplomatic negotiations on its head.
In that vain, I propose a radical approach to Middle East peace – a ten-year moratorium on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
On the surface, it seems not only radical…but crazy. How we can expect peace to be created if we don’t start with getting political leadership to the bargaining table?
But let’s start out by asking this question. How successful has that approach been so far?
In each United States Presidential administration, our chief executive has been judged by his (and perhaps soon her) ability to drag Middle East leaders kicking and screaming to the negotiation table, spending countless energy and money in diplomatic efforts and the bribery of additional foreign aid.
And to what end? Little. Or perhaps none.
And why?
Well let’s start out by acknowledging that Israeli and Palestinian leadership simply don’t trust each other. What progress can we expect in peace negotiations between leaders that cannot put faith in each other’s commitments?
Add to that the fact that Israeli and Palestinian leadership – at least current Israeli and Palestinian leadership – have power that is in many ways built out of the conflict. They have no incentive to build peace, as their bases of support are built upon a foundation of dislike for the other.
And what happens when there is a public perception that peace talks are being productive? A terrorist group or radical individual with no interest in Middle East bombs a bus or takes a machine gun into a mosque, taking innocent lives and sending everyone back to their own corners.
And, ignoring all of those factors above, even if Israeli and Palestinian leadership could come to agreements, would it truly be peace, or only peace treaties? Is true peace building a macro-business, or is it a micro-enterprise? Israel and Jordan have had a peace treaty for fifteen years, but do Israelis and Jordanians live in peace? They certainly don’t like each other. Is that what peace is about?
What if, in those ten years in which there was a moratorium on peace talks, we took all of the money and all of the energy that has been invested in the business of peace and instead invested all of that capital in cross-border, cross-cultural person-to-person projects built on a foundation of practical quality of life issues, such as the need for clean water and air, cooperative efforts to combat regional health issues, even partnerships on music, theatre, sports, and so on?
As an example, consider the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, a university-level program based in the south of Israel that brings together Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian students to work cooperatively on environmental issues. Young people who were raised to see each other as being the enemy learn to understand that, not only do they share the same environmental concerns, but that their geographic proximity creates an imperative for them to work together. Along the way they learn to appreciate one another’s varying narratives, work together on cross-border projects, and create that vital building block of trust. And then they go back home and continue to work together with one another on projects that improve quality of life throughout the region.
What if, over the course of a decade, our resources were dedicated to create thriving institutes like the Arava not only for the environment, but also for health, for business, for technology, for the arts, and more? After those ten years would we have quietly created a generation of leaders with the trust that would allow them to negotiation in good will and good faith?
Even one moved by this idea might ask, “Ok, but aren’t we sacrificing any progress over the next ten years?” To that, I ask, “What would we have sacrificed if we had done this ten years ago?”


  1. Jim Keiser says:

    You want to “create a generation of leaders”?
    People who need “leaders” are not capable of maintaining their own free society.
    You claim to hate religion while at the same time you ignore the reality that the messed up violent
    condition of “the holy land” is caused by the lunatics religions nutters who dominate the place.
    The United States of I’m waiting to die and go to heaven to be with jesus is wherre I live.
    People here don’t care that public authority over criminal arraignment an indictment has been abolished.
    They are cowards waiting to die to go live up in the sky with Jesus. They don’t want the responsibility of maintaining a civil government. They have surrendered to the mafia front for the pentagon.
    Superstitious slaves are not capable of maintaining a civil government. That is the fundamental purpose of religion. To abolish civil government.

  2. Jim Keiser says:

    Israhell is a racist aparteid state. 90 percent of the land is owned by the J.N.F.
    A state religion. A state race. How much more un american can a country be?

    • The claims that Israel is a racist, apartheid state are made by anti-semites, who regularly attack Israel (both verbally and violently) in order to justify their hatred of Jews and their attempts to occupy Israel and build their settlements on Jewish land. The reality is that it is the Arab nations that are racist and apartheid. Shariatheid, which openly creates separate legal systems for men and women, is textbook apartheid, and is clearly a violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

      The solution to the problem is to acknowledge that the problem is anti-semitism, basically nazism, and to deal with it the same way that the world dealt with the nazis. You can’t compromise with these people, and you can’t negotiate with them. They are disturbed people, not capable of rational actions. You deal with them by confronting them, isolating them, containing them, and by not being afraid to use violence against violent extremists, who would not hesitate to kill all Jews if they could.

      One thing that Americans could do would be to start advocating for hate-crimes prosecution of those who engage in anti-semitism/criticism of Israel. These people are criminals, are openly and blatantly violating American law, and it’s more than time that they are treated as the criminals they are. If you don’t stand up to them, then they will never stop. Remember that the attacks on Jews are just the first part of their agenda. They want to eliminate anyone and everyone who is not an Arab Muslim, and who doesn’t advocate the elimination of human rights for all those who are different than them. This is stated quite clearly and openly in Hamas’ charter. Stand up to nazis, it’s the only way.

  3. Jim Keiser says:

    How about stop giving israel funding and armaments?
    Democracy is when a lottery is used to select the members of the senate. Democracy has nothing to do with elections. Democracy is a system where public office cannot be openly bought and there are no politicians or political parties because there are no elections. Athens was a democracy in the time of Pericles.

  4. Mike Horowitz says:

    He shut down newspapers, imprisoned editors, and forced reporters to toe the official US government line long before the PATRIOT Act. Then he attacked US cities and burned them to the ground. Who was he?

    He lied to US voters, sided with one European imperial state against another, and plunged neutralist America into a disastrous war that cost 320,000 American casualties. Who was he?

    He promised voters the dawning of a new age in America . Instead he secretly dealt with a pair of dictators, providing weapons to both sides (while lying to Americans) and encouraged a murderous war between the two nations that cost nearly a million casualties. He also funded and encouraged repressive Central American regimes that killed thousands, murdering American citizens along the way. He spent trillions of taxpayer dollars on new weapons for enemies that no longer existed. Who was he?
    Abraham Lincoln!!

  5. mike peine says:

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  6. Now there’s a plan. For too long the same old tired men have been using this idea (or tactic) of peace talks, it is lazy at its very core. You can talk, debate, and have discussions, but what is needed is a real and tangible plan to involve people to work together, as in side by side.
    I think your plan is basically about education and acceptance that no one race or ethnic group has the right over another and if we cannot figure out how to exist together it will be our ruin, no joke.
    It would be great if we (the U.S.) did not even get involved, as we have enough ethnic groups in the U.S. that need to work on their own problems. And as you mention, Israelis and Palestinians have a hard time trusting each other, could each of them trust the U.S.? Right now, I would not.
    We simply have to focus on the fact that we are all much more similar than we are different. We must walk together in common circumstances and meet the immediate challenges of the moment as they present themselves, rather than stay stuck in an endless ancient blood-feud that will never get resolved, an ancient blood-feud that arms dealers wish to perpetuate and get rich from.
    Time has been wasted on talks for too long, did we forget the definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Why stay with a losing program, let us be brave and try something different. You can talk and talk, but until you get down in the mud to work together and rely on each other, that talk is cheap.