from Gary Coutin, ESQ:

The Electoral College violates the Declaration of Independence and the self-evident truths it expresses: The Declaration is the Supreme Law of the Land.

The Slaveholder’s Constitution of 1787 was written by slaveholder’s for a government of slaveholders for the benefit of slaveholders.

The Constitution not only established the government but it rigged the government for the benefit of the one percent of the people that owned slaves.

The Slaveholder’s Constitution of 1787 also rigged the means of amending the Constitution so that it would not be possible for the national government to eliminate slavery by amending the Constitution.

Slaveholder’s Constitution of 1787 ceased to have any legitimacy when the Slaveholders launched the War of the Slaveholder’s Rebellion we call the Civil War.

The Slaveholder’s Constitution of 1787 was replaced by the People’s Constitution of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

The Electoral College is not only a relic of slavery from the past but it is a mechanism of slavery in the present.

The Judiciary has jurisdiction to rule the Electoral College “unconstitutional” because the alternative to adjudication is a resumption of the Civil War and the courts are an alternative to violence.


  1. Strategist says:

    One way to institute electoral reforms is to incorporate the range vote into a bicameral electoral college (BicamIII) which abolishes the block-state assignment of states’ electors which has isolated the presidential election outcome to just a few swing states. As well, a Republican in California and a Democrat in Texas will have some competitive input in the electoral college unlike now. States will have congressional proportions overall and state legislatures will have some check on the popular vote and federal executive selection. Third parties and independents will finally be able to contribute electors towards the final result as opposed to being mere spoilers. The system we have now is way too blunt towards presidential selection.

  2. I’d like to know if you would (could) take the oath of office if elected Pres.

  3. Bruce Applegate says:

    Novalis ( Angel of Flowers is watching closely)

    She will assist you Roseanne just ask her……

    Keep loving the earth, you will be rewarded.

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  4. Joseph Godfrey says:

    The Electoral College is a flawed system, but it was put in place to prevent a majority rules society; that tyranny of the many which creates minority groups. Think of a Presidential Election without the EC – It would take only 3 to 5 States to win someone the majority of votes. Eventually there would be no need to use the other 45-47 states in the Union … sort of like the way they choose a candidate for either party.

    I firmly believe that our votes don’t count. The new e-voting machines are a corporate control mechanism. The media hypes “hacking” when the real issue is that our votes are counted in secret by the private corporation that owns those machines. That’s fucked up!

    I believe in listening to the voice of the people that do not vote > BECAUSE > the reason people are not voting, is that there are no real choices. All I ever hear from the media is that “these people” have no say because they don’t vote. Our government doesn’t want us to think about why people aren’t voting, so we’re told to consider them second-class citizens.

    The bipartisan government (I call it an Oligarchy) is controlled by 2 political parties & their corporate masters. They manipulate votes by dominating the media & creating the issues the debate on. Both parties are pushing the United States into a full democracy – going completely against the reason for the creation of the Republic.

    I’m all for a revolution. We need to kick the old guard out of office; corrupt politicians who have made a career out of something that was a part-time job. We need to remove the thousands of federal laws they’ve created and go back to the original 3 > as we must return to governing ourselves LOCALLY, because the job of our federal authority was to make sure no state broke the outline of the Constitution. Today our constitutional rights have become a virtual ON/OFF switch for freedom, depending on whose in office. People are free to marry one year and then it’s a crime the next … That law shouldn’t even be in legislation because it gives them control over a private matter. A real leader would stand up and tell the people to stop demanding our federal government take so much power. A real leader would tell us to govern & rule our own backyards, because no one has the right to remove a freedom they have from someone else. Stop demanding more laws and return to tending to our own backyards. It’s the MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS method of living.

    But as far as electing officials to office: I want corporations to not be listed as an individual, I want to prevent Lobbyists from buying new laws that benefit the corporations, Bribery is illegal, but I want bribes illegal for the politicians that accept them too, basically I want WEALTH & POWER to be removed from the federal government. I want the Founding Fathers that were farmers working part-time as Senators, Congressmen, Legislature. Damnit, I just want my freedom back. (rambling ends here – sorry)

    The Electoral College is the least of our problems – even the issues with gay marriage, abortion, gun control … they should all take a backseat to the root problem in our country and that main problem is CORRUPTION. Political corruption is the cause of the United States social & economic failures.

    Damn, I needed that rant ^_^

    Sincerely, j0eg0d