Debt Jubilee


  1. Russ Winter says:

    I have been following your message on the topic of debt jubilee. There was
    an excellent template on this laid out late last year by Boston Consulting that
    I think will give you some ammo to further quantify your argument. The link
    below is to my post on this called “Back to Mesopotamia” that suggests the write
    offs necessary to get back to more sustainable debt levels. It provides
    links to the BC articles.

    The idea now being put forward is that banksters and the very wealthy start
    taking the haircuts on this with wipeouts of their bondholders and equity
    holders. The concept is called “bail in” and was even researched by the European
    Union. In most cases these are defacto nationalizations similar to what
    Iceland did.

    This will also shrink the bloated, parasitic banking sector, which is
    probably now twice the percent of GDP necessary for a properly functioning
    economy (see economist Steve Keene on this). Of course the elite kleptocrats are
    fighting it tooth and nail.

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