A Man’s Favorite way to Fix Things!


  1. Gina filippone says:

    I want to Thank You for your wisdom and grace. Yes I said grace! I grew up watching your show and. Oming from my own disfunctional family I adopted youas my mom, your TV family as mine. As I myself became a mom I always remembered the show and the way my TV reality raised their kids. Believe it or not my daughter turned out great! I learned that education was key and put myself through college and raised my daughter to do the same. I love that you own yourself good and bad and that is something I strive for daily. I have also learned from you to value the sims things in life and try to stop and enjoy the earth and what it is has to offer without all the extra fluff the world asks of it. So again Thank You for truly helpi g get to this point in life with only a few battle wounds. I look forward to the knowledge you still have to share. Gina