Re-posted from Ballot Access News: http://www.ballot-access.org/2012/04/07/tennessee-asks-sixth-circuit-to-remove-g reen-and-constitution-parties-from-2012-ballot/comment-page-1/#comment-919598 I am running for president so I can try to help elect one of six women, Hon Queen Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] is one of them, as the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party with my name James Ogle [Free Parliamentary], a registered Libertarian as vice president. I am running for president as a Libertarian to promote the unity “Green Tea/Free Parliamentary” ticket. I spoke for about 10 minutes about this project at the 2007 state Libertarian Party convention in San Ramon, CA when I ran for state chair against current chair Hon Kevin Takenaga who is not for this, and I also spoke for about five minutes at the state Libertarian Party in a six-way presidential straw poll at the state Libertarian Party convention last month in Ventura, CA when I vied against five other Ls who are not for this. We’re actually only 582 nominees and we’re trying to reach 1000 this year and so we’re trying to expand at the national Libertarian Party convention next month before our election ends on August 5th, 2012. If anyone likes this, we can elect your name to the Cabinet at the #1 spot and most likely in the Ministry that interests you. We use the ranked choice consensus voting system that I’ve innovated within each Ministry: http://usparliament.org/cab-1.php We also use the ranked choice consensus voting system when we elect our platform. To elect the multiple plank items to be considered, we use the direct democracy (DD) voting system. Thank you very much for your consideration, hope you like it. Hon MP Richard Winger [Libertarian] is on our team, and he’s one of our best team players. Again, thank you very very much for the free speech opportunity, and your time and consideration. Very Truly Yours, -James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] Volunteer Vote Counter (415) 686-1996 Join the Frees, Opposite gender #1! “Why do you THINK they called it 


  1. Don’t expect to be treated fairly by the two party. The Oklahoma Libertarian Party has recently fought and lost a hard battle against ballot access laws. They will do everything they can to keep a third party candidate out. Third parties are a threat. Yes, it’s bullshit, yes, it’s crazy, but it’s how they play the game. Now it’s just a matter of going through them, over them, or around them.

  2. Honorable Prime Minister Roseanne Barr,
    My name is Honorable Prime Minister Ralph Allen Beach. I am contacting you to say that I may be unable to attend the LP Conference held in Nevada in May. If this is the case I am beside you if you become the LP Presidential Candidate. I hope all goes well for you at the Convention. I commend you for you service with the USA Parliament. I look forward to work with you in the future.

  3. James,
    I’ve gleaned a few of your posts, recently and in the past, here’s my question and I hope I won’t be sorry I asked:
    How do you expect to reach the US people?
    Your posts are so long and leave me completely confused. Perhaps you can streamline and simplify for sake of clarity.

  4. how do u see your way to do it?

  5. I am trying to run for president as a Libertarian to be Roseanne Barr’s (she’s a Green) vice presidential candidate, I would like to work with her to reach a consensus on the issues between the Congress, her and me. The ranked choice consensus voting system which I’ve innovated will be the ideal tool.

  6. Tippy -Lite says:

    i told u he was a freak

  7. JaneViolet says:

    bunny, google: [your county] voter registration.
    or just call one of your local representatives office and they will tell you where to go.
    you might not have time to register for the primary. but you have plenty of time for the general.

  8. bunnychick5 says:

    and i made u banners if u like them i have them to where they connect to url on ur prez site if u like any tell me and ill give u the htlm code for them but here are the urls to a few maybe u will like them …

  9. bunnychick5 says:

    roseanne i have important question for u ive never voted in my life nor have i had no interest to in past but u have opened my eyes and i want to support u n write u in vote for u and all but i have no idea where to get a voter resg form i can fill out on line and send in so i can do all that can u help me with this info i greatly appreciated it thank you oh and i live in Nevada

  10. Our States Rights Minister Rene Jean [Free Parliamentary] lives in Tennessee and we wanted to try to get him to travel to the Constitution Party Convention in Nashville as well as Nuclear Regulatory Commission Minister Tina Cook [Independent] (from North Carolina) and other allies, but the parliament is not utilizing our resources very well and we’re not coordinating much at all. We’re too slow, too small and we’re pretty much being decimated.
    It’s been like this pretty much for decades since we started in 1995.

  11. I can explain my perspective re:
    What appears to be a unity between the Constitution and Green Parties really is not, although they’re both being removed from the Tennessee ballot.
    I’ve called very many of the state chairs of the Constitution Party across the USA and I’ve talked to them myself, and the vast majority were not in favor of working with other parties outside of the Constitution Party.
    The exception is the chair of the Alaskan Constitution Party, Hon Platform Minister J.R. Myers [Constitution], who has been very cool in working with the 8th USA Parliament. He has helped us re-write many of our planks for the direct democracy (DD) platform ballot, which will be released on 4/20/2012, and he is just a cool person.
    The Constitution Party is having their national convention in Nashville Tennessee on 4/20/2012, and although we do have several musicians who wanted to travel to Nashville, there to try to unite with the Constitution Party really isn’t much support at this late in the game. But we do want them on our side.
    As far as the rest of the post, it’s about a free parliamentary coalition where we elect the top 1000 consecutively ranked names with plenty of consecutively ranked names as back-ups, and that helps provide a structure for registering voters in all 50 states and territories and it also helps create a great decision-making tool for all the members on whom Hon Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] is one.
    I’m writing in the article about how most of the membership of the Libertarian Party is not for that, and so I’m trying to sway them to my side.
    I’m pretty good at explaining how this works and I’m trying to run as a vice presidential candidate with a woman candidate for president, because I think this is a winning strategy in 2012. But the competition is fierce and other people are trying to steal my idea so they can win instead of me, of course. But I think I’m the best person for the job.