Vote Barr 2012 To the Youth of America

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  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Well put.

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    When you think about it, who else in TV herstory has ever been considered a Universal (Badass) Mom the way Roseanne has. Me and my bioMom, (now deceased) would watch The R show on occasion together. I was hard partying back then, and never around. She watched it every week, loving the realness of The Connors, their funky decor, and the fact that the Mom(R) was big, ballsy,working class and loud! Back in my moms day, that was unheard of. She was raised severely Catholic, repressed as fuck.Seen and not heard. Cleaning was what her Mom made her do, all weekend, Till school came round again. ( I digress) When Womens Lib and the ERA was almost passed, my moms political interests were awakened, and she became liberated, much to my Dads dismay. She came alive, with her copy of Ourbodies ourselves, her copy of Free to Be You and Me, and her modpodged plaque she hung that had Holly Hobby saying “Screw Housework”. Mary B was stoked that things were a changing. Then we know what happened. ERA was defeated largely by women voting against their own
    sisters, egged on by the likes of Phyllis Schafly(sp?)
    and other Satanic Bitches. Next, the women of the
    feminist movement were split by accusations of Internal
    Racism.Dark Days followed, where the gains that were made were almost obliterated by hate and the division it begets. When Roseanne came on in the late 80s, My Mom saw those feminist ideals again embodied in this fierce, factory working Big Mama. My Mom had a friend and a Soul Sister in R.Conner, when times were tough. Mary B. died of Breast Cancer in 1995, so she never
    sawthe last seasons. She would be blown away today byyour Presidential Run, and the fact that you still are the ballsy, outspoken, Voice of Liberated Women,
    Feminists and free thinkers of all races, genders and
    classes. Thanks for being there for my Mom then, and
    for LJG and her gen-x now. Not meaning to omit all
    the others (gen-y,gen-z and the millenials) who are
    meeting the Connors in syndication now!

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    The youth are the ones who can change the world, more then any of us.

  4. Love your message Roseann

  5. Whatever you need.

  6. dashus christ says:

    Love how/what you are saying-split screen is very cool too!