the script was written many thousands of years ago-

“some say its just a part of it, we got to fulfill the book”-Bob Marley prophet of Haille Selassi, Mashiach from Ethiopia-Lion of Judah, Tribe of David. David, the gay poet, married to Cleopatra’s granddaughter, Batsheva-David attempted to save/recreate the Temple of ISIS, which is Cleopatra’s riddle. you’re welcome!


  1. I think the riddle is — if David and Cleopatra ‘hooked up’ (which I think they did) How do we fill in the history of the tribe of David? or is the riddle 1 divided by 5 ?

  2. Tippy -Lite says:

    i have heard Israel was named so because of three Gods:
    Isis goddess
    Ra- egyptian sun god
    EL–Sumarian sky god