sometimes there is no need to debate at all

in an election year. Consensus has already been reached-we are EFFED!

Debating is really just a way to bully your opponent. #bullystate 
LEFT and RIGHT are bullies to America’s children.


  1. Sometimes, I like to think of society (and relationships in general, I guess) as a rubber band. My life always seems to be at it’s best when my rubber band isn’t stretched. We’ll never live in a world without tension though; people will always find something to divide over. It would be fine if our rubber band were new and strong, but it’s old and melty and falling apart in places. The fucking arguments become more and more mundane and just force the rubber band beyond the healthy stretching point. We’re so overcrowded and squished together, we’re all forced to argue with each other. It’s like, back in the day NYC was the Asshole Embassy. They had a reputation for being grumpy and inhospitable because they lived in a crowded city. Well, the rest of the world is almost there! The fault is part overpopulation, part Internet. You can only fit so many goldfish into a tank before they start to poison each other with their crap. We need a new rubber band. We need a new party system.

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:


  3. If we can unite the Green and Libertarian Parties to be working as a unit of one, then we can start doing things as a coordinated force. We will also unite other parties and independents.
    My posts are currently being deleted from http://www.greenpartywatch.org/ http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/

  4. View video produced by 8th USA Parliament Hon Energy Minister Carey Campbell [Green] as he interviews my counterpart in the parliament, Hon Secretary Rhett Smith [Green] for president and other panelists about the Barr candidacy, potential unity coalition, Peace and Economics, China, etc.;

  5. debate is legal permission to destroy one that has done no wrong