romney owned businesses:

Here is a listing of some of the business Romney owns. It more than likely is a partial list.

Romney Owned Business:
Dominos Pizza
Burlington Coat Factory
Burger King
Sealy Corporation (this includes Sterns and Foster Mattress)
Sports Authority
Artisan Entertainment

AMC Entertainment
Toys R Us
Dunkin Donuts ,
TWC and Clear Channel
Sodexo a French Corp that is a food supplier to America
Burlington Coat Factory,
Guitar Centers,
The Weather Channel,
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
Warner Music Group
Double Click
Taleo Corp
Survey Monkey

“It is also noteworthy to clarify that the list hides the fact that Toys R Us owns Kay Bee, FAO Schwartz and eToys. Clear Channel owns Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, XM Satellite Radio, Fox Sports Radio, The Premiere (syndicator) Networks, Andy Dean, Mark Levin, Dave Ramsey and Glen Beck. Bain did make bids for the Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News and the Wall Street Journal.”

Romney owns stock in “Uniview Technologies, “a Chinese company that claims to be the largest supplier to the government’s Safe Cities program, a highly advanced monitoring system that allows the authorities to watch over university campuses, hospitals, mosques and movie theaters from centralized command posts.”

This isn’t the only Chinese military company Romney owns an interest in Huawei

and Solamere a private Romney family financial investment firm made up with executives for Sanford. Sanford was the second largest ponzi scheme to Bernie Madoff. G. Scott Romney sits on the board of Solamere, Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son is President.


Romney family investments at Goldman Sac’s


  1. I am preparing to ask Mitt Romney a question. I noticed several months ago, during Romney’s Farmington Hills speech Mitt was standing in front of a backdrop that carried the name of a certain family. I was livid when I saw this and sent Scott Romney an e-mail asking if he was behind this, or David T. Fischer. Scott never answered my question. Silence speaks volumes. My son and are working on a video with exhibits, because we really feel Mitt needs to answer. Protest outside Mormon Church Ward in Northville Michigan.

    The question is: Why Mitt is standing in front of the name of the family whose family member assaulted my daughter during Mitts Farmington Hills speech? Their name was boldly printed behind where Mitt was standing. Was David T. Fischer behind this or Scott Romney? Or, maybe even sicko Mitt. Is this another little prank by Mitt showing his Romney sense of humor?


    And why is David T. Fischer’s sister- in- law selling my foreclosed home, foreclosed on by my ex hubby a Mormon who attends the same church as many Romney families? Why was a deal made to cover up for who assaulted my child? One done without my knowledge, afraid I would put the son of a gun in prison? And why is Fischer’s family carrying out the finial end of an illegal agreement to cover up a crime?

    I received 5 hours of phones calls, each call ten minutes apart from someone bragging about assaulting my underage child. The calls were very, vulgar and the boasting blatant. The calls arrived to my home before I was aware anything had occurred, because the information was hidden and concealed from me.
    Attacking a boy at Mitt’s prep school, is the least the Romney’s do to people.

    David T. Fischer is a Michigan bundler for Mitt Romney, G. Scott Romney is a national bundler for Mitt. Scott is co-chair along with in law of Romney’s John Rakolta. Campaigns seek out “bundlers”—people who can gather contributions

  2. Mother’s Day Protest outside Mormon Church in Michigan

    At this moment, there is a protest outside the LDS Church, Northville Ward, in Livonia Michigan is occurring. The son of Samuel J. Skousen is protesting the mistreatment of members of his family by his father Samuel J. Skousen and links to members of the Romney family. A film crew is filming the protest outside the Mormon Church. It is said that Romney family members attend the Northville Ward along with Samuel J. Skousen the father of the young man protesting.

    Mother’s Day was selected to highlight the abuse of his mother as well as the cover up of assaults on female members of his family. A letter will be given to the Bishop of Northville Ward by the younger Skousen asking for his father’s removal as an LDS Institute of Religion teacher, removal of his father’s temple recommend and suspension of his father’s church activity for his father’s role in covering up criminal activity, abusing his mother, ignoring court order payment per divorce agreement and judges orders.

    Questions are being raise regarding the Romney family involvement in the abuses the younger Skousen family members have suffered and their support in his father’s role in the abuses.
    Mitt Romney said in his speech at Liberty University “honor family commitments’ however, the statement is half-hearted and hypocritical since Romney’s have in all appearance condoned Mr. Skousen’ poor and abusive behaviors or several decades as crimes were covered-up.

    More will be coming out questioning Romney role as well as his family.

  3. http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=227484
    “In 2008, the Los Angeles Times reported that Mitt Romney, as head of Bain Capital, utilized shell companies and two offshore tax havens in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands to help eligible investors avoid paying U.S. taxes. The tax-friendly jurisdictions helped attract billions of investment dollars to Bain Capital. Los Angeles Times reporter Bob Drogan spoke about this in 2008:”
    BOB DROGIN: “A side light of that was Bain Capital, which today has assets of about $60 billion — that’s their — the number that they officially say — and about a third of that comes from these offshore operations that Romney set up when he was still there, in particular, companies that are set up — really, they’re just mail drops, they’re mailboxes; they don’t have any staff, they don’t have any operations. The one on Grand Cayman Island is a Post Office Box 60D, I think, on Grand Cayman Island, and the ones in Bermuda are also at a lawyer’s office. But they’ve got them in other places as well. And they bring in somewhere above $25 billion a year.”
    “And again, it’s — these are companies — these are operations set up through various systems. They’re blocker corporations. They are investment — or rather, equity groups that are set up to attract, for the large part, foreign capital. And the reason these are set up overseas is so that foreign investors in these private companies can avoid paying U.S. taxes. Mitt Romney and his colleagues don’t get that advantage. So it’s not like they’re avoiding taxes through this. It’s simply — what happens is, they’re helping other people avoid paying U.S. taxes, and as a result they make enormous profits.”
    The website above claims Bain Capital is under an FBI investigation.
    Bob Drogin did an interview on Democracy Now a few years back regarding Romney’s off shore accounts. His interview can be located on You Tube.
    I try to stay politically neutral because it is going to take people from all political groups to combat the web that began to develop over 25 years ago – if not longer.

  4. Romney’s fortune is vaster than he is reporting on his income tax. Remember, Romney has many off shore banking accounts. Ann Romney holds a vast fortune in her own personal trust fund Mitt set up for her. Each of the Romney sons has a trust fund of over 100 million dollars of their own.
    Ann and Mitt Romney are the overseers of G. Scott Romney’s children’s Goldman Sac’s trust funds.
    I am working on writing a book currently, feeling is time the record is set straight and time for people to understand exactly what is and has been going on. G. Scott Romney was an attorney for my former husband and me. My passion comes from the extreme abuse my children and I were put through as one cover-up after another occurred. It was shameless on their parts what they did.
    It been difficult for me and my children because so many people have entered in here in Michigan and used us to their own ends and leaving us further harmed in the finial end.

  5. This information is from Mother Jones 23 Jan 2012:
    Mitt Romney has released his two most recent tax returns:
    Mitt Romney offered a partial snapshot of his vast personal fortune late Monday, disclosing income of $21.7 million in 2010 and $20.9 million last year — virtually all of it profits, dividends or interest from investments.
    Romney paid a 13.9% tax rate.
    Most public reports put Romney’s wealth in the neighborhood of $250 million.

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    • Christopher Michael Ward says:

      I think so too. We live in a world that hates cows and pigs so much, they make beef and pork everywhere we go.

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  8. Seriously?! He owns all these outright? Or, in partnerships? Either way, i find this disturbing. No, not quite strong enough…. I find it terrifying.

  9. Tippy -Lite says:

    wonder what the list looks like that Obama owns?

  10. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    That is funny that Romney owns staples, because they carry a ink pen called Bottle 2 Pen. Bottle 2 Pen is a pen made out of a water bottle. Everyone knows about Clear Channel.

  11. And this list is only to the business Mittens and family are admitting to owning, and not to the business Mittens is not letting the public know he has an interest in.

  12. Tippy -Lite says:

    This list: Priceless