Prayer against Republican Party:

Putting Gov. Snyder (R) and the Michigan Republican Party in a position of harmlessness. By Cathy Bilsky
We call to Michael the Archangel to cut all ties that Gov Snyder and the Republican Party has to any black magic that is keeping them in power.
We cut all ties to all their money sources including the Koch brothers. We send this money energy back to God to clean it up sending all those money sources back to the poor and those that are standing up to the gov including all recall groups like  Michigan Rising and the Michigan teachers association. We ask that these groups receive lots of donations and excited fresh volunteers to make the recall successful; replacing Snyder with a compassionate kind awakened spiritual being.
We remove all energy veils that are around all the people living in Michigan. As they reconnect to the Creator see them becoming conscious beings filled with all kinds of Divine inspiration on how to remove Snyder from office. Imagine all the attorneys working on removing Snyder from office be Divinely inspired on what they need to do and say to not only take their case forward but to also win removing Snyder from office.
We cut all ties to all executive orders that Gov. Snyder has written and retained in the Office of the Great Seal. We send the violet flame them to clean up all dark energies, Now we reconnect al these orders to the Creator and command them to be neutral…No more forward movement.  All black magic giving this energy being canceled cleared and neutralized. . We now see all Gov Snyder’s executive orders being rolled back and stricken from the books.
We cut all ties to Snyders 180 day agenda and as this is done all forward movement stops dissolving the 180 day agenda completely.
We cut all ties to Snyder’s vision of “Reinventing “Michigan. We see this energy having all forward movement stopped also dissolving completely.
We cut all ties to the energy of Snyder’s “Relentless positive action” again seeing this energy dissolving to nothing with NO more forward movement.
We cancel clear Snyder’s new “Emergency financial Managers Law” that allows for corporations to make land grabs from the poor. We see this energy also being neutralized and dissolving to nothing..No more forward movement. The land being returned to their rightful owner.
We call to the higher self of Gov Snyder and all Republicans trying to keep him in power to step forward in the light of God and stop acting like Nazi reptilians, leave all the social programs  and citizens rights intact , roll back all laws that hurts the mass general public. If you choose not to, which is your free will, I ask your higher selves and guardian angels to put you all in positions of harmlessness. Letting awakened spiritual beings take your place. If that means you are recalled then may the recalls gain lots of forward momentum. NOW!!!
We call to Snyder’s higher self and ask that he leave the small farmers and unions alone and if he chooses to continue the harassment I ask his higher self and guardian angel to put Snyder and all his rich supporters in positions of harmlessness NOW!!
We call to the higher selves of all law enforcement to also reconnect to the Creator and as they become awakened spiritual beings they see through the Gov plans and choose not to cooperate, siding with the people. Let them become more conscious of all the income and benefits the gov has taken from them choosing to become the protector of the poor standing down on all orders that is against the constitution. This brings them much joy and pride as they become “good” cops.
Loosing all money, all supporters of any kind, all power.
Being replaced with an awakened spiritual being.
If Gov. Snyder has earned jail time for his actions I ask that the law of karma be put into action and Snyder receive his just rewards x 100,000 fold. I step out of the way as it’s returned to Snyder and all rich Mich republicans (and democrats) that are supporting Snyder.
SO BE IT!!!!!!


  1. I vote for Roseanne!

  2. thanks silverbear,it looks like the only place safe 2 buy from without lining these guys pockets is the goodwill an thrift bakery,no problem 4 me,favorite places 2 spend my s.s.ck.at least 4 now

  3. I am not sure of all of Koch Co. business, I know Koch has been holding fundraisers for Romney. Here is a listing of some of the business Romney owns. It more than likely is a partial list.
    Romney Owned Business:
    Dominos Pizza
    Burlington Coat Factory
    Burger King
    Sealy Corporation (this includes Sterns and Foster Mattress)
    Sports Authority
    Artisan Entertainment
    AMC Entertainment
    Toys R Us
    Dunkin Donuts ,
    TWC and Clear Channel
    Sodexo a French Corp that is a food supplier to America
    Burlington Coat Factory,
    Guitar Centers,
    The Weather Channel,
    Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
    Warner Music Group
    Double Click
    Taleo Corp
    Survey Monkey
    “It is also noteworthy to clarify that the list hides the fact that Toys R Us owns Kay Bee, FAO Schwartz and eToys. Clear Channel owns Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, XM Satellite Radio, Fox Sports Radio, The Premiere (syndicator) Networks, Andy Dean, Mark Levin, Dave Ramsey and Glen Beck. Bain did make bids for the Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News and the Wall Street Journal.”
    Romney owns stock in “Uniview Technologies, “a Chinese company that claims to be the largest supplier to the government’s Safe Cities program, a highly advanced monitoring system that allows the authorities to watch over university campuses, hospitals, mosques and movie theaters from centralized command posts.”
    This isn’t the only Chinese military company Romney owns an interest in Huawei
    and Solamere a private Romney family financial investment firm made up with executives for Sanford. Sanford was the second largest ponzi scheme to Bernie Madoff. G. Scott Romney sits on the board of Solamere, Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son is President.
    Romney family investments at Goldman Sac’s

  4. u go girl,print a list of all koch co. products,boycott them an fox,and it wont be long b 4 they are in the poor house with me,wouldnt that b fun,letting my imagination run away with me.like in any war cut off the supply lines and the enemy is toast.

  5. If there is a message Roseanne, it is going to take good people in all the political arena’s of thought to combat. As people we may not agree with others regarding some social issues, but as people we are going to have to come together and face an evil which is present.
    For me and over the years, I am thank-ful for the evangelicals who heard my story and fought against Romney, for the Social Conservatives he heard me back in 2008 and took Mitt out. I have found on some issues when people hear of evil within their group, the good heart-ed ones want it removed.
    As I explain to everyone, I am an independent and only know it is time for good people everywhere to stand up, because our nation isn’t a football game and we don’t cheer blindy for a team jersey –

  6. The prayer should be against people who have gone along with horrific corruption. There have been people within the Republican party that have resisted Romney. Synder is a Romney man. There is a story behind this of course, as there are with many of the people anointed in Michigan in both the Democratic and Republican parties in Michigan that are Romney people. Yes, he has people on all sides of the aisle. Mitt’s brother Scott told me in a meeting I had in Scott office.
    It is a hard thing in politics to have people understand the party, people with evil intent place their friends in all the political arena’s.
    There are some Republican’s and tea party people who want Synder removed, not dem’s. But more on this later. I am working on a public statement against Mitt, there will be a question given for Romney to answer in an interview that is in the works right now. I will be asking the public to pressure Romney to answer, because I know he will ignore. And I don’t mean answer by his normal brutality.
    I am working on a book, because it is the dangist story ever! And so many in’s and out’s, twists and turns, and it also is time Americans understand what has hit this country and what people are involved in what.

  7. THANK YOU! CATHY AND ROSEANNE, from a MI. resident.