old white socialist males think they have the right to lead

women and people of color, rather than letting us lead by ourselves. Same old paternalistic crap. Step down, hippie brothers, your day has gone. 

Bob Dylan says: “your old road is rapidly fading-please get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand, for the times they are a’changin’!”


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Women lead everything men do and say, let us never forget that brothers.

  2. You have got my family’s support! Thanks for standing up for us.

  3. Women can certainly hit a lot of headwinds. Sometimes it’s another woman who will block the way – we’ve heard about them and no doubt ran up against them – the Queen Bee’s . Men love to use these women to repress other women. To use them to use to flog and conceal, restrict. They all have one common thread they are superior – or at least they think.

    I can understand being a woman myself, what it feels like when a male has the view one’s worth is only to be used. It is also hard to see one’s son eyes cast down when humans of his gender do one more aggressive act, one more dishonest act. There seems to be so many here … too many here…. At least where we are at. Or are we so unfortunate to be running into them? I ask myself, turning the question over trying to find an answer. The mark these men leave on younger males trying to find equilibrium, trying to understand who they are, is heart-wrenching.

  4. By synchronicity, I found this blog after reading about your macadamia nut farm, and I’ve enjoyed my visits here. I’m a writer/poet/editor–my most recent chapbook is “Suck My Clit, Freud.”
    I just wrote and published an article about you in my online holistic journal, Medulla Times, and I thought you might be interested in reading it…the last line says, “Ballsy? Why, yes, of course, Roseanne Barr still has the biggest balls of them all — and nuts too!”
    Here’s the link: http://medullatimes.com/celebrity-columns-suck-but-roseanne-barr-has-a/

  5. I did not come here to bow, I came here to conquer. Bob Marley
    So many people are just content with the way life is passing them By. It is good to see someone making an effort to change the unchangeable. MWAH to you Rosanne

  6. You are my hero!

  7. Male feminism: “You can have my rights”
    Actual feminism: “You can listen to women”

  8. crazy horse says: