ballot access

is key to free elections-


  1. Tippy -Lite says:

    “Some people want a Third Party….i Would be happy with Two Parties”….Mort Sahl

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    You are so on the money. We need a 3rd party, without it any asshole can win. Vote Barr!!!!!!

  3. I am so glad to hear you say that. I too am a servant of truth. The world makes it hard because they do not want to face the truth, even when presented to them in love. But for those who get it, who love the truth and will give service to the truth instead of to man, our reward is in knowing that there is nothing so precious as the truth and being thankful for the knowledge of it.
    I have prayed for your strength, health & safety. I know that the evil in this world wants to shut down the truth and its messengers, making your walk not always an easy one. It has ever been thus. You are in good company.
    Another reason people do not welcome the truth, because it is the hardest thing in the world for a man to admit he is and has been wrong, especially about long held beliefs.

  4. Tippy -Lite says:

    Thought you did well at the debates. If only to green screen u now, in to the “actual” debates. I can see you turning to your right and sneering at Romney, and then turning to your left wagging your “no u dit-int” fingers at Obama….
    Tried to do it (green screen) with Cynthia but for some reason her techy’s never put it out…. hmmm
    u got that bad ass full moon high tide studio to make some magic happen..
    it would go viral.
    oh, and get that cute blonde hairdresser of urz to give u “the hill bob”…..really looks DC-ish on u.

  5. Yes! First we demand access and then making it actually count… i.e. popular vote! What other system is this rigged? i.e. electoral college!

  6. everything you want to know about diebolt machines!
    Please contact Brent Turner

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgSuOaULi5g
    Smash my Diebold Voting Machine
    Problem meets solution

  8. it is a shame how I have been treated, but all people like me have been treated this same way-i remember that-and still I get a thrill of serving truth not man

  9. Only if we could see what is going on inside those diebolt voting machines… but we can’t, its private… why? So who ever payed their way to win, will win, and the media will tag along saying “bla bla bla won!” giving the impression to everyone that the majority thought that this candidate was a real vindication of their beliefs.
    But the politicians pray to the gods of money; a hollow shell attempting quantify value on condensed molecules… its only fuel is the belief that it exists by everyone. That’s how gods are formed… by belief.
    The “two party system” is a joke, giving the illusion of choice, when in fact there is no choice… money is the driving agent. I have long ago given up attempting to be political for this reason. Cyclical thought with no resolution or growth is a waste of the precious time we are bestowed… and politics are loops of nothing… loops of lies to pull out an alliteration.
    May history remember those who created something valid… and let the tyrants be washed away under the illusionary blanket of money and truth they hide under. They are scared just like everyone… in fact they are probably the most scared humans if the end up leading hollow existences, believing money and power can fill up the void… when only love can.
    You are a hero Roseanne, and history will remember you, don’t worry. Being rich is temporary, but creating a timeless piece of art lasts for ever… and you have done this. It is a shame how you have been treated… but worry not, the ones that matter know who you are.
    <3 Andrew

  10. making it easier for all US citizens to vote is key to democracy. Why do we hold elections on ONE day, in the middle of the week? Voting should be just as easy as paying our taxes if not easier.

  11. How does one who lives on the Big Island (in Honaunau).. and grows mac nuts for a living…. get a chance to meet the one and only Roseanne Barr?

  12. Tippy -Lite says:

    While ballot access is essential, Diebold voting machines are capapble of flipping the vote with any trace of computer inteference.
    A good web source for those interested in voter issues is

  13. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    If you do not mind me saying, matthew is not being nice to you, and that is wrong. How dare he.

  14. you are what is wrong with men-I would NEVER run as your vice or any man’s vice, especially one who tries to co-opt all of my ideas.

  15. Hello,
    I tried emailing, but it did not work.
    I am currently pursuing my name on the 2012 presidential election ballot. I have created a campaign website, and launched it on a free domain to begin gaining supporters early. I’ve already gotten more followers and campaign volunteers in a very short amount of time, than expected.
    Please take the time to read the entire changes I will make on the home page before deciding whether to join/support the campaign.
    view Campaign Website:
    I was watching your show and am a big fan of yours. I got online and wanted to contact you personally hoping to get your support, when I noticed you want to run as president. I watched a few of your videos, you and I have the almost the exact same beliefs for America. If you and I combine our campaigns, pushing full steam we will make some monumental changes to this country. People want great change, and are just waiting for an opportunity to do to. We will be that opportunity.
    I would like to discuss having you run alongside me as my vice president. I have a physical petition that has great potential, and have uploaded an e-petition that has had trouble gaining momentum without advertising (however it’s only been a few days). I plan to officially launch the campaign in May/June in order to not let the campaign buzz die off before the elections. I will use the internet, facebook, twitter, myspace, and youtube to promote the campaign without requiring donations. As we have learned with Romney: the more your on the news and people hear your name, the more likely to gain votes when people enter the voting booth.
    Having a famous vice president, and a 22 year old running as president of the United States. It will create so much controversy, they will be talking about the campaign daily on CNN/FOX news. We will blow up the news and internet, drowning out Romney’s chance for president. No one really wants Mitt in the white house, however no one wants Obama either. It’s a very bad situation Americans are being cornered into. Let’s work together to save America. A lot of people believe Dec 21st 2012 is the end of the world. I believe that may be the beginning date you and I, bring the best thing to Earth since the creation of America. I know the constitution has an age requirement, however my supporters have proven Americans do not care about a rule a handful of dead men created 200 years ago. If a 22 year old is going to do the right things for America they will vote. America has become a very different country inside a very different world, than it was 200 years ago. Let’s unite and make America what it was intended to be, bringing our country to it’s full potential. I hope to hear back and gain your support.
    Here’s the steps Matthew and his campaign volunteers are pursuing, to make this campaign a success:
    The more signatures on the petition before step 1, will help gain momentum for the campaign.
    STEP #1:
    >>> Matthew and his campaign Volunteers are going door to door locally with campaign pamphlets, explaining the campaign, and asking people to sign the petition allowing Matthew on the Election Ballot.
    Launching in May/June:
    >>> Matthew will be holding a campaign speech in (local city), The volunteers will be informing people door to door and online, of the speech’s time and location.
    >>> Matthew will be contacting the local news station/news paper to interview Matthew, report on the campaign, and public speech
    STEP #2:
    >>>Contacting CNN/FOX news for interviews, controversy around a 22 year old running for president will be all over the media which will promote the campaign and petition.
    >>> Receive celebrity endorsements
    >>> Hire official campaign staff around the United States
    STEP #3:
    >>> Submit petition. If Obama refuses to listen to the public, we will hold protests outside The White House and around the U.S. until Obama says “I will accept the American’s decision to allow Matthew on the Presidential Election Ballot.
    STEP #4:
    >>> Push the campaign at full steam. Matthew will debate Obama and Romney. Launch commercials, swarm the internet, facebook, twitter, youtube with our campaign. Perform speeches around the United States. Matthew will lead the people fighting for American’s rights.
    STEP #5
    >>> Win the election, create a new voting system allowing citizens to have the final say about the future decisions of our country.
    >>> Matthew will convert the President’s role as leader of america, to the representative of the American people.
    Thank you,
    Matthew Mills

  16. Paying to get on ballot means no free country.