a vote for me is a vote AGAINST

the lesser of two evils AND the greater of two evils! 

 Let’s have People-ism! American’ts say: We can’t have single payer! We can’t cut the budget! The other side won’t let us do the right things! We can have a balanced budget, prosperity, peace, jobs, and health care! VOTE FOR ME!
 B an American, not an American’t!


  1. Jim Keiser says:

    Roseanne Barr is a comedic genius.
    God, we need a sense of humor.
    I would vote if the elections were not fake, rigged, fraudulant here in Pennsylvania.
    I won’t endorse fake elections by participating in them.
    It used to be that rich people bought public office. Now thieving lying killers who print fake money buy public office.
    The only power to be taken back is the public courts of law. Our public authority of criminal arraignment and indictment has been abolished by the lawyer mafia. The lawyer mafia asserts a fraudulant so called “judicial” authority of criminal arraignment and indictment. This is how they arrest and imprison their opponents for speaking and printing here in Pennsylvania. Without public control over the criminal courts there is no hope of public authority being regained.

  2. linda delaney says:

    roseanne, just saw ur latest intervview… wow u r the only one who makes any intelligent statements on what direction we as humans shld be moving..i had not planned to vote at all … so sick of the “in ur face” corruption… i will be voting for u..even if u r not on the ballot…. will write ur name in.
    btw…u look marvelous!

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    A Vote for you is the best thing we can do. All 50 STATES GET MOVEING.

  4. …I’m glad to read that you’re with us fiscal conservatives in reducing the budget.

  5. I will vote for you