Operation Liberty Bell


Gary Michael Coutin, Esquire

600 West 19th Street, # F10

Costa Mesa, CA  92627



This is to announce Operation
Liberty Bell, a project to establish the Declaration of Independence of 1776 as
the “Supreme Law of the Land.” 
This objective will restore the Republic and return to the people of the
United States the power to elect the Executive Branch of the government of the
United States as a matter of sacred right.  The project will involve a suit in a court of law against the
Electoral College to declare null and void all laws relating to its
establishment and enforcement. 

 My program incorporates
the plank of the Republican Party of 1856 and 1860 to conform the Constitution
of the United States to the Declaration of Independence.  A statement of this project is set
forth online at her website,


Since the year 2000, Gary Michael
Coutin been an attorney and a party in a number of lawsuits challenging the
Electoral College and its constitutionality.  
The theory of the litigation has been the subject of
several mini-movies posted on youtube.


The Electoral College is inconsistent with
and repugnant to the Declaration of Independence of 1776 and is therefore null
and void.


The Electoral College is a violation of the
Voting Rights Act as it denies, debases and dilutes the votes of the citizens
of the United States for the President of the United States.


Therefore, every citizen of the United States
has a right and a duty to sue the Electoral College and to attack its


[2]             Henderson v. The Electoral College,
U.S.D.C.Central District No. 00-12445 (BQRx)(filed November 22, 2000); Phillips v. Electoral College, U.S.D.C.
for Northern California, No. C01-0011, WHO, 9th Cir. No. 01-16475 (filed
January 3, 2001);
Gary Michael Coutin v. The
Electoral College et al,
U.S. District Court of California, Central District No. 8:2004cv01259 (Filed October
29, 2004); Coutin v. Miller, Eighth
District No. A572629 (filed and served September 30, 2008); Perkel v.
United States of America, U.S.D.C. Nor. Cal.  C 00-4288 SI  (November __, 2000; denied January 9, 2001);Gordon v. Biden, Case No. 09-5142, C.A.
No. 08-1294 (HHK); Asa Gordon, Pro Se, DC Presidential Elector,
Chair, DC Statehood Green Party Electoral College Task Force, Exe.Dir. Douglass
Institute of Governmentm v, The Honorable Lorraine C. Miller, Clerk of the U.S.
House of Representatives,

United States District Court, For The District Of Columbia Case: 1:11-cv-0003

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  1. Roseanne — any chance you’d be willing to show up for the next North Carolina Green Party convention in April (the weekend of the 28th)? We are looking to invite our presidential candidates as we decide who we want to give our delegates to. Also, we are hoping our national candidates can help us to speak out against the pending vote (in the May 8th primaries) on the proposed NC State Constitutional Amendment which states: “Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.” We’d love to have you Roseanne!!!!

  2. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Yes i like that name. Thanks!

  3. Got it. Can be Green Roseannearchist Party or any combination you’d like.
    Green Roseannearchist, Green/Roseannearchist, Green-Roseannearchist, etc. puts you in with the Greens, but you may also request to be grouped with the Roseannearchists or “Parties with One Seat”.
    The ballot will be alphabetical, and once elected to the national parliament, you may be grouped in the crowd you wish. Usually, I try to customize and group the name with the one that matches their party/category.
    I’ll put you as the Green Roseannearchist Party and group you with the Green Party, unless you specify otherwise.

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Can you put me under the green party and a Roseannearchist? Thanks James for all your help!

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Hey James and Roseanne,
    How can i be on the list? My Name is Christopher Michael on Twitter, and i have told Roseanne i wanted to help her. Do i still have to sign up above?

  6. did u get the list of nominees from eric weinrib? email me and ill send it to you

  7. Re-posted from Old Forum;
    TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More
    I wrote MP Ralph Nader [Independent] in 1995 when his name was nominated by my neighbor to the “First Internet US Presidential Preference Ballot Election”, and told him that his name was nominated to the parliament categorized with the Public Citizen Party and that we wanted a candidate statement to post online.
    His assistant wrote me back and said he “was not a candidate for public office”, and asked where the ballot for the parliament was being posted. I wrote them and said I was posting the ballot on Usenet, the Internet. But that I’d gladly take his name off the ballot if he wished.
    They wrote me back gain and said I could keep his name on there. He gave me permission, and his name gets re-elected every cycle during our voter registration drive.
    Meanwhile, my antagonists at the Green Party wrote him too, and said they could put his name on the California ballot and he agreed. But he never bothered working me again, and his campaign became dysfunctional and he ended up parting with the Green Party.
    Year after year the story gets repeated, with many people elected to the parliament. When people don’t use the advanced voting system, their campaigns fall apart, and the exclusionary nature of third parties causes self destructive tendencies.
    I fear that Roseanne’s will take the same track…she’s not using this tool enough to build a team.
    It’s not just third parties are self destructive, but all independents too. US plurality elections in single-winner districts cause all who are not Ds or Rs to self-destruct.
    And since Ds and Rs know they have a 50/50 chance in elections, there is no incentive for the Ds and Rs to work with independents and third parties either.
    Time is running out, we need to work together and unite, and not Balkanize into many splinters that don’t coordinate. That’s the wrong track. The right track is to make every voter important and every day a big deal too.

  8. Clarification:
    Hon Prime Minister Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] for president will be the featured speaker at the “Rally in the Valley” on March 23rd. (See item #6 above)

  9. urbanteach says:

    The challenge is the mass of the population doesn’t UNDERSTAND the electoral college.