Invest in My Campaign

I am running to represent all of you as the Green Party candidate for the presidency of the United States. This is our moment to challenge corporate control of our democracy and elections. Unlike the two mainstream political parties, I do not seek the blessings of corporate power, rather I seek the blessings and participation of the American people.
I urge everyone of you to go to my website, and hit the donate button to invest in my campaign and a America free of corporate control.
This is our future, this is our America. Help me bring that message to Washington. Donate to the real campaign for freedom.

Thank you!

Roseanne Barr


  1. Roseanne, if you need any help with updating/maintaining/work on your website, let me know. I would do any extra work your designer can’t get to for free. I’m also a photographer and I support you 100%! :)

  2. It wasn’t very presidential to list the address of Zimmerman’s parents. I posted the same comment on Spike Lee’s page: What is wrong with you that you encourage vigilantism when speaking out against an act of vigilantism? You’re motivating a lynching. This is the same when Palin’s people planted targets on congressional districts. I expected better from you.

  3. Aloha, I want to be a part of the “real campaign for real freedom” What can I do on the Big Island to help?? Mahalo