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I am pleased to inform you that Roseanne Barr is officially recognized
by the Green Party of the United States, Presidential Campaign Support
Committee, as a Green Party Presidential Candidate.

Tom Yager
Co-Chair PCSC


  1. Hon Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] from MSP Jim Fulner [Libertarian] (ss7):
    Jim asked; “If I had one message for Roseanne, it would be the same as for every other individual…whatever you do, whatever you decision you make, always ask “Does this action, policy, etc., increase perosnal freedom as muich as possible?” Or in other words…Freedom’s the answer, what’s the question?”

  2. Hon Hamhock, this is actually a good idea and I suggest we nominate that to the platform under the title PORK.
    I will add it in, so if you check in the “Old Forum” think tank area, you’ll find it at the top in the “Platform Ministry Open Forum” thread.
    If anyone else has platform proposals, please post them there or here and if I find it, I’ll add it to the nominations at the top.
    And BTW, we’re also looking for names (people only, sorry Faye and Sue).
    Hon Gary Johnson (Libertarin for President) is pretty much already admitting that the congress won’t go along with his plan and his plurality legislation vetoes are simply destructive.
    As a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination myself, having recently won the Missouri 2/7/12 presidential primary with 52.7% of the votes cast (Johnson received 3/10ths of 1%), I’d like to inform all the readers that there is another way to get the budget done, and it appears that the Missouri voters like my ideas.
    Believe it or not, I’ve been using this vote counting scheme for 17 consecutive years ( actually derived their name from my initials in 1997 because of this system, and they use it on their program) and this is a lot easier to do than you’d ever imagine.
    As quickly as all the congresspersons can nominate and rank all their proposals for the budget, debate the items with equal time, and then rank all their preferences with consecutive numbers beginning with the number one, then all the items garnering 50% plus one vote of the total tics cast would be elected, so there would be no fighting or disappointments because the majority prevailed.
    Then as quickly as all their votes on how much to reduce the total budget were averaged, then every minutiae would be calibrated down equally across the board.
    This isn’t about “my budget”, but rather it’s about working with the Congress as a team to find solutions, and it’s much more satisfying to find consensus, than to find conflict. This is a far better solution for everyone involved.
    Hope to see you in Vegas in May!
    Go Ogle 2012
    Join the Frees,
    Opposite gender #1!
    (With consecutively alternating genders thereafter)

  3. hogthebountyhunter says:

    Tom Roseanne,
    Tammy Faye Bacon and Tammy Sue Sausage along with our human counterpart Hamhock have a suggestion for your platform. PORK! People Organizing to Reform (C)Korruption. You go girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The National Libertarian Party is trying to destroy the campaigns of several
    Libertarian Party presidential candidates including the only known woman candidate and they should be held accountable.
    It’s no wonder they’re trying to stop the Go Ogle 2012 campaign, because we want all the voters to have one of the 1000 seats on a new national Libertarian Party committee and that’s not in their selfish plans.
    They want Ls to be segregated from all other citizens and they’re fighting our team who is made up of team players from all parties, independents, all voters and non voters who use the secret weapon which is ranked choice voting in multi-winner districts. We’ve got the bazookas but at current pace Battle of the Bulge is not expected for more than 175,000 years in the future.
    We’re too small, going too slow, being decimated and our numbers are being rapidly diminished by the national Libertarian Party who are in the concrete bunkers above the beach as they spray our team with hot lead and exploding shrapnel. Many of us are dead at the gate, dead in the water, shell-shocked, confused, blinded and deafened by the blasts.
    One year is like one minute, one month is like five seconds, one day is like 1/6th of a second and we’re currently losing more than 2500 units a day (every 1/6th of a second). We’re expecting more boots on the beach, but meanwhile we need to start coordinating and figure out how to get past these roadblocks that are all around our team, we’re the ones in green.

  5. 52.7% votes for Roseanne Barr as this Libertarian ally wins first state primary allowing third party participation.
    I was asking voters to obtain the Libertarian ballot and to write in Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] as #1 and James Ogle as #2.
    I garnered 508 votes while “uncommitted” received 456.
    No write in votes for Roseanne Barr have been reported as of yet, so we must try harder and put more boots on the beach somehow.
    This is great for confidence. It’s like a decisive victory in the very first skirmish for the right wing of our team.

  6. I don’t understand why someone like yourself, who is ok with your own self support$$ and has options in this country would be so concerned with others that don’t and strive to help them. Do you think that once in politics and you learn the true knowledge of it, that you can make the changes that you desire to give us all a better country? I believe there are far more evil things lurking that involves the arabian countries and ours. I wish you the best and know that regardless I have your back. xo

    obama wont let israel attack iran ,unless yahoo promises
    to tell him when, obama delay, cuz election more important
    than,distroying a nook plant check it out

  8. North Carolina Green and Libertarian Party Chairs Not Exactly Eager to Encourage Ballot Access for All POTUS Candidates in Primary – No Women Candidates Either

  9. Oh my god! Yes! YES! :D

  10. I used your words from Roseannearchy to defeat the Devil. Awesome!!!
    Disenfranchised Ron Paulists are heading your way.

  11. Where can I go to read your platform and post it to Facebook?

    Published on Monday, February 6, 2012 by Common Dreams
    Roseanne Barr Joins Other Green Party Candidates
    by Pat LaMarche
    Great article !!!