I am pleased to inform you that Roseanne Barr is officially recognized
by the Green Party of the United States, Presidential Campaign Support
Committee, as a Green Party Presidential Candidate.

Tom Yager
Co-Chair PCSC


  1. Hello, James…instant run off voting is used in the Green Party. Check out the platform at http://www.gp.org/platform

  2. hogthebountyhunter says:

    Aloha Rosebud,
    This is Tammy Faye Bacon along with her sister Tammy Sue Sausage offering you their vote and your Presidential logo RAISE THE BARR VOTE ROSEBUD
    Get Rid of the political weeds and welcome a Flower. STop FERAL(Sarah)Palin Now!!!!!!!!!!!!! hogthebountyhunter.com
    (808) 333-9068
    my agent Ben Novick is your relative.
    Hamhock and Hog the bounty hunters
    Pork, NOW That’s Kosher!

  3. We are “The Greenings” and we are glad you are for U.S.
    We are for YOU also!
    We truely will not be surprised to see you WIN this election. As funny as you are, it is certainly not funny what you have to run against.
    Ken & Karen Greening

  4. Check out the site at the end. The latest Green Party press release.
    “State Green Parties in California, Arizona, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia, and possibly Ohio are participating in primary elections. Other state Green Parties will choose the nominee they support and apportion delegates during statewide Green conventions. The Green Party currently has ballot access in 17 states. Greens expect to have the presidential nominee and other candidates on the ballot in at least 46 states and the District of Columbia on Election Day 2012.

  5. James Ogle for President, here. I’m asking that people please consider obtaining a Libertarian Party ballot in Missouri on Tuesday, and please consider writing in Roseanne Barr #1 and my name as #2 (or visa versa) for US President.
    See story:

  6. Votes aren’t “split.” Voters get to put candidates on the ballot. Voters get to decide who to vote for. Voters have free will especially if this is to be a democracy. There’s a name for the political philosophies that advocate the denial of choice.
    Voters who don’t want to vote for Obama would have no choice but to stay home. Now they have a choice. Their vote will count. Their vote may create ballot access for the Green Party so they can win local elections. Their vote may mean Federal funding if the candidate gets 5% of the popular vote.
    Republican voters put Republicans on the ballot and in office. Why not try to persuade them rather than blame voters for having the option to select a candidate that offers solutions they believe in?
    You could ask Obama to offer something more of us would vote for. The problem is you may already know in your heart he won’t listen and he won’t enact. Rather than submit to a president and a party who actively makes us powerless over Wall Street’s Contributions, we chose a party and a candidate who listens and is willing to fight to enact what we desire in our hearts and minds.

  7. You GO Roseanne !! I’ve been with the Green Party since 1988 , mostly with media work, a stint as co-chair also, and still working hard to get media visibility. You will be such a big help! Anything I can do for you please let me know.

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    BARR 2012, May our Green Pirate Queen shake up the Political Scene! Generating discussion, providing solutions, saving whats left of our blue, blue planet. R. Barr can only bring more people into the political picture. She speaks to, and is heard by many of the marginalized people, like women from all walks of life, the gay, the (once was) working class, the mentally ill, the renegade growers of MMJ, the organic home farmers,the homeschoolers. You get the point. Rs legendary background in Comedy, both written and performed, gives her the best and most varied skill set imaginable to run this Country. That would be the ability to Laugh, with others, and at ourselves. Humor Fosters Humanity. And couldnt we use a little more of that!
    Granny Goes to Washington, and Kicks Dempublican Ass!

  9. Feb 5, 2012
    Dear Roseanne,
    I’m delighted to hear of your candidacy. Best of luck, and you have my vote. You are so authentic you make a great contrast with these out-of-touch rich guys.
    A few thoughts; Can we stop drug testing kids and workers, and drug test all candidates and representatives? I want to know what they are on!
    How about Ralph Nader for attorney general? Hightower for Ag Commisioner? Or Jesse Ventura for VP?
    Check out Ellen Brown on Community and State banks. Dump the big six banks-bankruptcy court is the answer. Listen to Vandana Shiva on food production and democracy. She is another gorgeous goddess.
    Oh yeah, and how about charging for the use of public airwaves, and if networks persist in lying all the time, pull their license.
    If you are ever in Puerta Vallarta, drop by!
    Tell them there’s no problems, only solutions,
    Love You,
    Robin Gaura

  10. Let the games begin…Challenging the College vote is a daring platform no EVER talks about that dirty deal. And does anyone wonder why we know our vote does not count?
    Mahlo Nui Loa

  11. yay this is awesome news u have all my support totally barr 2012

  12. My blogger friend Nathan Badley wrote a hilarious post today about how life in America will be in the year 2020 after Roseanne’s 2nd term. He would love her to read it-and a comment would be amazing!
    Go Roseanne! You are the only sane one out there to vote for!

  13. Hey Roseanne, thanks so much for lending your strong voice to the cause of putting people before profits! I am glad to see your comments in support of Jill Stein, and hope that if you have not yet had a chance to meet her in person you will soon. Jill is a charter member of the the steering committee of the New Progressive Alliance, an organization I helped organize, which is the opposite of Dem front groups like MoveOn and Progressive Democrats of America.
    Like the Greens, the NPA recognizes the two-party system for the kabuki it is, and we’re building an organization which aims to rekindle the spirit of America’s Progressive Era (1892-1917), when Anarchists, Suffragists, Socialists, freed slaves, unionists, farmers, industrial workers, and (eventually) Dems and Republicans united to spur the passage of four constitutional amendments (including women’s suffrage and the progressive income tax) and the institution of the eight-hour workday. It truly was the first response to corporatism run amok, and we clearly need another – one that lasts this time.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Jill last summer and when you do, I think you’ll agree that she runs intellectual rings around anything we have now in Washington. Thanks again for the efforts you are making to bring the Greens and their message to the broader electorate – and for all the years of laughs and advocacy. If you’d like to learn more about the NPA, please visit http://www.NewProgs.org.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmDVdwlwHDM
    Roseanne Barr for President? Two Hotheads on Cannabis show
    “Roseanne, We will treat you so good!”

  15. where and when can I see this fine production?

  16. I am so behind you 100% and if I can help anyway with campaigning I would be honored. I live in Alabama and I know a whole bunch of people that are behind you already. My email address is celisagodwin@yahoo.com please be in touch I would love to help anyway I can.

  17. why at least with Roseanne we actually have a say. With the Desecrates and republicans we will keep going with this down ward spiral and in 4 years we will not even be the USA anymore.

  18. Ms. Barr,
    I was wondering if you need any help on the farm??? I worked on a dairy farm for 18 years, and am looking for a job… Please help… This very serious and not a phony post… Thank you for your consideration…

  19. Ms. Barr,
    I was wondering if you need any help on the farm??? I worked on a dairy farm for 18 years, and am looking for a job… Please help… This very serious and not a phony post… Thank you for your consideration…

  20. hogthebountyhunter says:

    Rosanne has my vote. The actor for my new show Hamhock and Hog The Bounty Hunters main actor, Tammy Faye Bacon, would be thrilled to Participate in any process to elect the queen. Tammy Faye Bacon has contacted Ms R before about appearing on her show. Our new show is a musical comedy fictional realty show about a pig and man who bring feral pigs to justice. Did i fail to mention the pigs sing and dance in this show. We have over 80 songs 60 are artist parodies. The other 20 are original songs by Hog and The Hamhock Brothers Chitterling Street Band including the songs Keep Your Fork Off My Pork and Proud Picky People Prefer Pork Products. http://www.hogthebountyhunter.com

  21. Congrats Roseanne! I am sending you energy for good health and peace and focus to do what you need to do. Keep breathing!
    Love, Z.

  22. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Wow Betsy your mom is brave. Roseanne is the best person running for prez right now. She is better then all of them. Sorry your mom never became prez-What party did she run for?

  23. GO GET UM ROSEANNE! A women after my own heart! My step-Mother ran for president in the 70’s and really pissed off my Dad. They divorced later but she’s still the best Mom I ever had. She made me realize that women didn’t have to put up with crap from men. She lives in Florida now but I see her every time I get down there.
    Again, thank you, you have my vote!

  24. congratulations roseanne! This world needs a change!

  25. Roseanne,
    I am not sure if you have heard about Reddit.Com, it’s a large online community and your name is being discussed in regards to your bold run for president! They have an Ask Me Anything section where people are invited to answer member questions and your name is being voted right up to the front page as a request. It is a great way to drum up support from thousands of people in a short period of time and you can control what you want to answer. Check it out:
    This could be a good opportunity to get your message out to a lot of people. Keep fighting the good fight!

  26. As president your ability to change the status quo would be very limited. As commander in chief of the military you could declare martial law and order the Army to surround Washington DC; and hold every politician there until they come to an agreement in fixing some of the problems facing main stream America.

  27. Like our page on facebook! “Roseanne barr 2012″ show your support. She is what we need in America!!!! We need a Real person to run for president. she has my vote.

  28. Go girl!

  29. Very cool. How can I help? Aloha!

  30. dashus christ says:

    This Is a New&Very Different Time We find Ourselves in Today-So Proud of you Roseanne on your decision to Run-Much planning on your part for eons now!!!
    Green Party BARR 2012 BARR/US 2012

  31. I don’t wish to offend you in any way because I love you, but please, PLEASE don’t run this year.
    Splitting the vote in favor of the Republicans is the last thing we need.
    We’ve already seen what they can do to our country. Do we want them to finish the job?
    Please rethink this!

  32. I will vote for you! No, seriously, I will. I think you are great and would love to see you win. Good luck and I will spread the word in Florida for you! Best to you and yours. Peace.

  33. congrats!!!! and good luck!!! :)

  34. Learn more about one of your likely competitors by solving the Gail Collins crossword puzzle:

  35. Good for you! What we need is a president who can speak her “own” mind!

  36. :)

  37. Roseanne how can I contact you direct to book you for a telephone interview on our show? Two Hotheads on Cannabis in Boston, marijuana reform talk radio show. We’ld love to have you and I may even endorse you! We’ve featured many current and past elected officials. Former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson running for Libertarian Nomination for President is an upcoming guest on our show..

  38. Roseanne, thank you SO MUCH for declaring your run. I just got wind of this and now the big challenge is going to be getting you onto the debate platform on television with the other candidates. It might be a good idea to start publicizing any sense of rejection that you get from the mainstream media to not allow you to debate the Democrat or the Republican when they appear together. This is certainly a big victory for the Green Party to have such a well-known candidate and truth-to-power speaker. If you’re hiring for your campaign, let me know! I’d be a big help.

  39. Oh this rocks ~ way to go Roseanne!!!

  40. You go, Babee Gurlee Girl. ROCK it ROSEANNE!

  41. You go, Babee gurlee gurley. ROCK it ROSIE!


  43. How does one contact the campaign? I live Honolulu and would like to help. I supported Ralph Nader when he ran for president as a Green and the Democrats threw me out of the party for doing it. Regards – Scott Foster, Honolulu

  44. Nice job- rock on!

  45. Bout time! Can’t wait to see your new TV show “Downwardly Mobile”! love it! So will the 99%! Great to see you back Roseanne!

  46. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Yes you are in. YES! YES! YES!

  47. Goddess PB Debs Keeler Dept of Human Rights says:

    Roseanne, thank you for your bravery. You inspire me. Here to help in any way you might need. Debs Keeler

  48. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    thats nice that its official , I would have still used a #2 pencil to write you in , if it werent.
    this is great news.