this is still a free country in a lot of ways-if two adults

want to marry each other-that should be legal-and it shouldn’t even be called “gay marriage” it should just be called marriage.


  1. i think the best WORD would be companion which is more universial,and respectful,and the straight-up truth, and not changing the REAL law,
    good luck rose

  2. Marriage is about the committment and love between two people, not the two people and the rest of the world. Anyone of legal age should be able to marry anyone of legal age without the government trying to butt in. Why should any man or woman have to get permission from anything to be with the person they love?!!! I think it is ridonkulous!

  3. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Dude you are one smart guy, keep it up.

  4. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    you tell it.

  5. dashus christ says:

    Oh Yes LJG and Meats Moonlight Union w/Matriot presiding is certainly more than enough to experience chicken skin..-Love Love This

  6. Hi Roseanne,
    First time here, sorry to go off topic but I don’t know where to write this. I used to watch your tv show when it was on & for the past few years it’s on when I wake, from 7:00-8:00 a.m. every weekday. Your latest book is great!!! I respect you and your honesty. I wish I knew how to register here, I have to go thru my facebook page. Could you please let me know??? Wish I was living on a nut farm in Hawaii!!! I’m in Wisconsin and it’s 20 degrees!! Burr!!!!

  7. Mahalo for sharing your story DJ! So sorry/sad to hear about your loss..
    Lost my partner of 15 yrs in 2010, and I experienced much of what you write about. I will always support the fight for equality! For me, I hope we can truly dismantle the broken/failed institutionalized fascist patriarchy.
    I support my LGBT brothers & sisters RIGHT to ‘marry’! My hope is that the return to Matriarchy removes religious dogma from govt, PERIOD!!

  8. i do agree that about the part of dying and seperation because it is true, what you and LJG speak of——
    and sad that you experienced such a vulgar human display.
    this is the only reason for any marriage that i agree on……. because it’s a contract of your material things.

  9. Ladyjane Green says:

    And thank u DJ for sharing yours. You are right about a huge wedge of the gay cultural pie being buried after aids took away so many from us. I moved to SF in the late Nineties and Aids was still leaving its mark on my new found friends. People would come into work and tell us they had been diagnosed, then we would watch their mental and physical decline. Right wing scum were very effective with their campaigns that Aids was a curse set upon “the Gay”. The wrathfully righteous were smirking with smug piety as we buried our best anf brightest, way before their times.Organized MMJ as a movement was started by Denis Peron, Brownie Mary, etc. in response to the suffering and wasting away that Aids was inflicting on their friends. These brave pioneers wished to alleviate the suffering of the many. And they/ we did when we passed prop 215, the first of the Medical Maryjane Laws to be enacted, for the people, by the people. Both Ljg and Gcm gathered signatures, and rejoiced when the bill became a LAW! It wasnt easy, and boy did it Mean Something. Watching O’Bummer break his campaign promise, and witnessing the Fed dismantling the Cali MMJ Dispensary system is enough to make one gnash ones teeth. Again the feds are persecuting the sick and frail, in an election year. Talk about kicking the Amerikkkan people when we are down! Already there is no health care, lets take away the one cheap medicine that people can grow themselves. And there is the rub. This Fascist Government we have masquerading as a “Capitalist Democracy” doesnt want us doing anything for ourselves. Except unchecked Consumption, of gas and commodities, now that must continue for Amerikkka to be Great! Civil Unions are not Marriage, with the grody cultural baggage that the word Marriage represents. It is a Patriarchal Hoop to be jumped through to be legally protected.or owned. The unions will protect the rights of gay people,when their partners are taken ill or pass away. Im sorry DJ that happened to you. We gays deserve the same basic rights that everyone else has. How we get off, and who or what we get off on is our own affair!

  10. Thank you for sharing that story Ladyjane Green , aloha from the Big Apple to the Pineapple xo

  11. Roseanne –
    On the issue of marriage , I want to tell you and your readers why I think its so important that this be made into the law of our land is that I have been told of of instances where my friends & acquaintances had the law and the marshal in the late 1980s enter their apt. and homes with a warrant of those whose partners had just died of AIDS and seize everything they bought together as a couple under the insistence of property ownership from the dead partners right winger family.
    you could only watch in silence and do your best to contain the already grief stricken widower in the back room while everything he had shared with his life partner is hauled off.
    My own partner of 3 yrs died in 1993 and I have no idea even today where he is buried due to his family and their beliefs.
    Its OK , I have made peace with it and learned long ago it doesnt matter because our bond is eternal and that nobody can take our love from us or haul it away while Im forced to stand mute.
    Domestic partnership laws have made scenarios like this from happening but marriage is the final step in true equality.
    I realized that this might be the 1st time many young gay people have ever heard about anything like this ever happening in America because a generation of the most politically active revolutionary gay men of the 60 s and 70s were taken out in the Aids Holocaust in the 80s.
    Art & history are usually the 1st to go in those type situations so much of our history was buried with them
    Ruined-All Ray-Gun-(the post assassination attempt MK Ultra’d replacement fembot clone of RW Reagan) served its purpose rather well to rid America of the leftist Black, Gay and Feminist movement with germ (aids) & chemical (crack) warfare while dismantling all social programs to make sure a Nixon type scenario never ever happened again in our nation .
    Nobody hits Anita Bryant in the face with a pie and gets away with it.
    I listened on WBAI FM tonite to a C SPAN Press Conference hosted by Tavis Smiley , with Michael Moore , Cornel West & Suzie Orman and several other guests– I so wished you too could have participated in this exciting discussion!
    I was hoping you would go to New Hampshire also and woo any voters from the darkside that you could as well with your campaign platform !
    Oh and to answer your question from before , No, I dont have a job as of Feb. haha.. our temp agency’s contract with the city was not renewed. back in the unemployment line hahaha
    onward I trod, I am still telling all my friends to vote for you , I get mad when I heard Michael Moore tell the crowd in DC tonite that its too late for a 3rd party this election , all the American people need is a #2 pencil to fix this shit!
    Aloha from the Big Apple to the Pineapple xo

  12. I agree 100%. It should not matter if it is between a man and woman, a woman and woman or a man and a man. Love comes in many forms and is beautiful no matter what. Marriage is marriage no matter who it is between. Let’s get rid of all the labels (i.e. “gay marriage”) and call it what it is–marriage.

  13. how fun to see that 1yr ago link! and i still feel the same way
    oh, yeah,dat link was a good won….

  14. I agree %100..I was raised by my 2 Mom’s whom I proudly call my parents.
    They have been together 19yrs in May =) We are a blended family of 7 and my parents were able to have a Domestic Partnership here in Oregon a few years ago. Its recognized by the State but not Federally.
    I can’t think of 2 people better fit to be legally married.

  15. YES! :)
    Would be an honor to be witness to such a union – for realz!!
    ….and WEDDING CAKE!!!!!!

  16. oooooo….i just like getting chicken skin
    can i join.?…i see myself in a nightgown (flowy, of course) maybe the kind u would see on a sleep walker…
    i know it’s strange to want to wear sleepwear to a union, but with he moon light and all…. and it is Hawaii…

  17. Ladyjane Green says:

    Count Us In! Ljg n Meats Moonlight Union.With the Matriot presiding. I just got chicken skin! How fun would that be!

  18. Well, …is there an E-Vite on it’s way for a LadyJane/Meat ‘UNIFICATION’ celebration – ((((inhale)))))
    R can get her online ministry license. A Hina Full MOON fete in, say, APRIL? ;)
    Personally, I LIKE a new term, UNIFY. “MARRIAGE” = CULT/religion-based bullshit. Make MARRIAGE illegal and ‘unifying’ the future – MATRIARCHY!! FUCK assimilation!

  19. Ladyjane Green says:

    This year after New Years, Civil Unions became legal in Hawaii. Our Freinds Auntie Willie and Auntie Souza got “unified”! They have been waiting 33 years to get hitched. If they dont deserve to be recognized legally a a couple, I dont know who does. This legal development comes right in time, cuz one if them has the big C, and not a ton of time to waste. They were on the front page of our local Hilo paper. We are so proud of them for making their commitment public. Its a big deal here, where many gays fear prejudice and live semi closeted. Its kind of like a dont ask dont tell vibe amongst the older gals. Especially local, or non caucasian. A good day for the Gays of Hawaii. Even now as we speak, the dark forces conspire to take this meager legal gain away. Santorum and his gay sex obsessed followers are getting the haters out in full force. Watch out my gay brothers and sisters, Here comes the burning torch and pitchfork crowd. Head for the Hills!

  20. guessgrl1978 says:

    exactly. love is love. im against people who are against love. let everyone love freely.

  21. anniejcooper says:

    absolutely, it is about a partnership, love and the pursuit of happiness. NOONE should stand in the way of that! Thank you for all you do with LGBT!

  22. The Goddess of the Church of Common Sense has spoken.

  23. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    You tell it sister!