The Susan B. Anthony List’s Situational Feminism

January 13, 2012 
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  1. Well said, Urbanteach. By the way, I went to school in a district that taught sex ed (everything from feminine hygiene to contraception to disease risk to parenting skills) from 4th grade through 11th grade. We observed World Aids Day and handed out condoms. We even got to play with them in class. We discussed pornography, sexism, even how to flirt and the etiquette of dating in class as well. The district had a 95% graduation rate and a very low (less that 1%) teen pregnancy rate. Sex is not the enemy; ignorance is.

  2. So eloquently spoken, said, typed?… when i began teaching the only accepted sex ed was an abstinence program… titled “Family Life” basically it involved a series of graphic slides and an underwritten religious philosophy…it amounted to fear tactics and if a girl or guy was already sexual active there was the chapter on becoming a “virgin” again… of course there was no discussion or approach on the full gamete that sexuality plays out including students who at this age are coming to terms or identifying as gay or bi. For many girls the only real place they could have discussion about their bodies and choices was via the planned parenthood clinic. It is a sad day when I have to have girlfriends approach me to talk with a particular girl who in trouble or they fear her actions… This is some of my reasons for my diatribe on the thread regarding the state of the American school system… there is no longer much of a safety net for our young girls and guys. (if there really ever was one). The empowerment of women must start younger!

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    Poor Susan B. Anthony, she gets a shitty commemerative coin, and then these asshats use her name for the most heinous of causes. Nothing like the concept of an anti-abortion feminist! Damn thats a better oxymoron than jumbo shrimp. Planned parenthood does indeed serve us “discreet patient populations” that traditional health service providers like to side step. When i was 18 and wanted birthcontrol (cerca1984) i went to two different dude gynos who said no, no reason given. Finally a friend pointed me towards PP, and i saw an NP, who after warning me, told me that the drs didnt give me the pill because i had been too honest about cig smoking. Too bad they couldnt tell me. Back to Situational Feminisim, the daughter of Situational Ethics. Its all too easy these daze, to espouse ideals of liberty equality and fraternity. Its how you are living that tells the tale. As the gal called meat sez, “The proof is in the pudding” when it comes to integrity vs. hypocrisy. An easier version would be ‘Mean what you say, not just what sounds good.” Its harder than it appears. Especially now a daze, when people like to pretend that racial, and gender inequality are things of the past. Just because people protested against these causes back in the motherfin day, doesnt mean they were vanquished. The his-story that is regurgitated and funnel fed in todays world relegates the role of dissent and protest to the back burner. Soon these actions born of of critical thinking will also be historically spackled over. Calling a fascist spade a fascist spade is frowned upon these daze. Get you put in the Gitmo, for sure. Also, I am new to the phrase “Fetal Patients” this blows my mind. Stammmer (((exhale)))Now theres a waiting room that must be messy to clean up.LoL (satire alert)

  4. Some of the biggest injustices next to our raping the earth and plant and animal kingdom, are bestowed to women and children.
    I as a woman, who set out very early in life on my own, depended on the services that I got from Planned Parenthood. I was able to put myself on the pill and I didn’t have to ask my mother for permission to do that, which would have never happened, and with all the confusion in early years, I would have likely been a teen mom.
    In my young adult hood, Planned Parenthood was my only source of gynecological help, because on my own, I did not have the luxury of medical insurance.
    I am now in my menopausal years, and I still do not have the luxury of health insurance, and planned parenthood will not allow me services because I’m no longer “reproductive”…….. and unfortunate for me that I’ve had a lot of problems in this area of my health…
    But even during my reproductive years, I had to literally lie about my sexual orientation in order to receive services, (because admitting to lesbianism excluded my vagina from needing medical care) ……….no joke, and they’d make me walk out with little brown paper bag of condoms.
    Yet I’d ask for gloves!!!!!…(((((knowing smile))))))…….
    At the March For Women’s Lives at the capitol, I listened to Catholic Doctors for Choice talk about how in medical university, their classes on women’s reproductive heath, that under the bush admin over 12 years ago now, were cut to down to very few hours in comparison the many hours of classes being taught to them in the sciences of vaso-dilation/constriction the corner stone of understanding……..…………
    All of women’s reproductive rights have been chipped away at for the last 20 years even though Roe Vs. Wade, still remains the law, the venues have all but disappeared and the funding all gone.
    What a great world!

  5. all these zealots should have all males born to them castrated at birth,males have no business screwing with a womans rights,they have enough problems contending with the female religious nut cases,women always want something in return,take away one of there rights,and you will be giving up at least two in return,no more poker parties,hunting trips,smoking in the house,beer nights,or fishing.leave them alone.

  6. Well said.

  7. The greatest control a woman can have is on her own reproductive rights, this is in direct assault of dominion by patriarchy… the fact that this is still debate in 2012 makes me whimper.