Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline





  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    It aint me, it aint me, I aint no “fortunate son”. Creedence, word !

  2. Word. (I have a great story of my own about the world of test scores, so please remind me to tell you in perso n about that one)
    Urban Teach, what you and Lady Jane says is so profound. It is true, the poor are criminalized and looked down upon as a character flaw. In fact, the system is set up so that not only do you have a society that thinks poor people have a character flaw, but if that same poor person DOES NOT HAVE A SLAVE COMPLIENT JOB you wont’ get a place to LIVE either. I am one such person. I am trying to get housing at the moment, and everywhere I apply, demands to see my “paycheck” stubs. When I explain that I am a free lance worker who basically does odd jobs for many different people and that I do not get a pay check from anyone corporation, they say I’m a risk, and they’d rather rent to someone who’s pay check “stubs”…from a slave compliant job -borg” at “Staples” or “Walmart”.. (and not to bag on anyone who works there, I mean anywhere that’s not working for yourself) The wild thing is that I’ve never been evicted, never not paid my rent and have lived in the same place for over 10years and always paid on time…… I have been a very good rent slave. I guess my point is that poor people aren’t just given a “character flaw”….flaws that connotes such ideas as “lazy”, “unmotivated” “stupid” And, they are literally demonized in the world of the more “fortunate sons”.

  3. augh, don’t want to dominate but must tell it. NCLB has been the gov’s answer to teacher and school accountability as it is said… the reality is this… poor children who perform poorly on a narrow sighted standardized exam fail. It is set up for them to fail. The real issue is that this country has done nothing in the way of eradicating poverty and it does not care to. They (the proverbial they) will continue to design plans to shift the focus and call blame on the students, their families and their teachers… poor people / children are and always have been criminalized in our society, now the school systems are just becoming more proficient at it. The truth? people believe that if your ass is poor somehow it is a character flaw (or your mamma’s character flaw.)And, the poorest among us have had no voice… UNTIL NOW!

  4. Ladyjane Green says:

    The criminalizing of the youth is hand in hand with the militarizing of the youth. ROTC is warping the youth of Hawaii as early as junior high. Give em a uniform and make them a mini killer soldier. What next, sandbox gitmo, waterboard fountains, maybe an isolation cell for solitary confinement at the principals office? One school is training mini fascists, the other is molding/stunting kids by treating them like pre- criminals. Aren’t there enough places to put the extra cops? Without having them harass and intimidate the kids?High School mentally felt like prison to me, and there werent armed and uniformed oppressors walking the aisles. No child left behind is bullshit, because those kids with continually poor scores are being shunted out. To eventually wind up in, you guessed it, Prison! Teaching was a tough job before “no child left behind” and its souless emphasis upon test scores Uber Alles. The focus on failure avoidence, instead of successful skills acquisition is causing many schools to shed their “problem learners”. These tests have been shown to have cultural bias towards the dominant racial paradigm, ie they are designed by and for the patriarchal oppressor.

  5. says it all.

  6. They were “rethinking” education in the 70s. Here’s psychopath B.F. Skinner explaining all of those changes. Humans are behaving organisms…not informed thinking free souls.