SOPA: What if Google, Facebook and Twitter Went Offline in Protest?





  1. Hmmmm… ok. Will stay tuned to your feed. Like what I’ve seen so far. :)

  2. My process of discernment is daunting…..
    I roll the “bones” to get my answers.
    Everyone has their way……

  3. And if there’s any wonder about “who” sponsored SOPA, the guy in the picture above the headline is a good place to start.

  4. As a protest, I think this blackout is an excellent idea. People seem to be asleep on SOPA. Those who want this to pass have done a good job of presenting it in a way that most don’t seem to fully grasp. It only takes a few minutes to delve into this legislation and understand how horrible it would be.
    Maybe this blackout will shock more people into speaking up and getting angry enough to do something about it.

  5. Thanks Roseanne, not many public figures are touching this topic. SOPA will essentially RUIN the internet for everyone and tighten the reins of control (again).
    I consider this just another way of flexing government muscle where it doesnt belong, just as disgusting as banning books, or the Patriot Act. I have written to my representatives who support this garbage and I encourage all of you to do the same. To those of you who are angry at FB, Twitter, and Google for considering a black out, you are misdirecting your anger…They want to black out in order to give you an idea of what SOPA will do to the internet. Anger should be AT SOPA and those who endorse it.

  6. If google, facebook and twitter did this, I would consider it a war game. Just like the 911 wargames.

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    Considering how the internet was spawned and has reproduced exponentially into the amorphous beast it is, how can anyone be surprised that Big Brother wants to censor and tame the Blind Tiger. I thought the web had its roots in daarpa anyway. Twas good while it lasted.

  8. @Testy-Tippy, curious how you gauge what sites and sources you trust. To be clear, I’m not questioning any authenticity of any particular source here. I’m asking only because I for one have no clue as to what to believe and what I don’t. I read once source that lays out a plausible perspective from a source I believe to be credible… and then I read another source equally as credible making a convincing argument in a completely different direction.
    Mostly I go with intuition, but haven’t learned to trust even that completely.
    A few years ago, I was shooting images at a high-end resort in South Africa. It was a very sweet gig that was on it’s way into turning into an even better long-term gig with the owner. Only problem was, that I just couldn’t get on board with their extreme right wing politics and Christian hypocrisy. The stories I could tell you about what I heard over drinks with VIP sorts.
    While chatting with the owner one afternoon, I was really trying to find a way that I could live with myself and be a trusted “team player”. Every time I tried to rationalize what I was hearing and witnessing, I’d try to just think about what a great gig it was and all the other gigs that were to come afterward.
    Then at one point that simply wouldn’t work any more and I’d feel literally sick to my stomach. A little more wine and eventually I couldn’t bite my tongue anymore. I’d heard things about population control, hard core racist stuff, gruesome descriptions of trophy kills, photos of folk’s 10 year old children posed next to a rhino they’d shot with blood smeared on their face in celebration, etc.
    These weren’t South Africans either. They were all Americans. I asked the owner, who followed FOX news and various affiliate sources with just as much conviction as his preacher. Seriously. And this guy seemed very intelligent and not a lemming type at all. So I asked him, “Do you REALLY believe that stuff on FOX News?” He replied “Yes”. I asked, “No, seriously.. do you REALLY think you’re getting the truth and unbiased reporting from those sources? Come on, level with me.”. He replied, “No, I don’t think my news sources are unbiased, fair, or balanced. But, they report what I already believe.”
    It made me wonder if people in general make up their minds what they want to believe and just find sources that back that up… rather than evaluating each bit of information as best they can and make as informed a decision as possible.
    Again, let me stress that I am not in any way, shape or form questioning any particular information source here or anywhere else for that matter. What I’m wondering is how you decide what you believe to be the truth? I believe there are those who’s intentions are to further the spread of pure truth, but how do they know for sure?
    I honestly believed that Obama was going to make some changes. I didn’t see through him like Roseanne and others here did. I wanted to believe that things were going to move towards the better. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and it would likely have to be small changes here and there. Nothing too radical or he’d just be gunned down.
    Instead, it appears that just about everything I read and believed to be true about Obama was all mostly lies. I believed them at the time because they were reporting what I wanted to believe. Now, I really don’t have a clue what to believe and find myself not believing anyone. Now, I just go with my gut and listen to others that I believe might have better access than I do and who have pure intention to spread truth as best they can. That’s what brought me to R’s site to begin with.
    As you go through various sites and decide what to post here, how do you decide what’s truth?

  9. i agree with you for the most part except for me, i can’t just go outside and talk to my neighbor about the topics discussed here.
    Most people are content with the lies that are distilled in our every day vernacular, so for me, the internet and radio have been a constant source of information.

  10. If these social networking sites went down I think there would be more protest and chaos, or they would just find some other sites to migrate to. People are not loyal to anyone or anything anymore, while they may get pissed that their best options have been removed, they will likely just move somewhere else quickly for their fix. People in this time seem to NEED these sites, they depend on them. It is pretty sad that our lives have come down to having to talk and share over a screen rather then actually meeting up with the person over coffee. Though at the same time it is pretty convenient to be able to just go online, post and people are able to read it right away, rather then waiting to see it on t.v.
    I myself do use facebook and google and so on. However, if they went down I think I would live another day.

  11. anniejcooper says:

    AND, there would be 500,000 more unemployed peeps because they wouldnt be spying on you!

  12. anniejcooper says:

    the world would fall apart, there would be panic in the streets, kids would have to go to the library, parents would need more valium. BUT, it would be a great start for people to know its OK to stand up for what you believe in, and stop hiding behind the curtains. do they have curtains anymore? lol.