San Francisco Appeals Court Oks Telecom Immunity in Wiretap Cases




  1. guessgrl1978 says:

    lol good one. thats so stupid though. FBI has a file on peacemakers. Roseanne was right, they are satanists. Too bad they control everything, how would we kick all of them out? Voting is rigged (bush won instead of gore)… it feels like it will ALWAYS be this way.

  2. Tippy -Lite says:

    J lennon was about Peace. That’s the point-lol

  3. guessgrl1978 says:

    a couple of years ago, i attended a john fusiante (member of the red hot chili peppers) solo performance in l.a. with my friend cause she was in love w/ him lol. the opening act i never heard of, but he was the godfather of electric music i was overhearing from someone in the crowd. the opening act came on, and he talked before he played. he said that “the government was hearing us, and if u dont believe him, say ur going to blow up a bomb somewhere. then see how quickly they catch you. thats proof.” i was astonished, yet thought that made complete sense. wasnt the fbi having a file on john lennon and other celebrities? i mean, John Lennon? for what, wasnt he all about peace lol?