Roseanne Barr – First Official Candidate for 2012 Presidential Election







  1. I have to say, my jaw dropped when I caught wind that Roseanne was running for presidency. But not in the negative sense like most people have, mine was excitement! I’ve watched and own all of her shows, it was my favorite program growing up and still is as a grown man. I’ve always been attracted to her strength as a woman, her views on spirituality and her versatility on many other subjects. I think her strength and knowledge (which people tend to forget about- she isn’t stupid) will bring an amazing twist on the views of women in politics! “The Mother of all Mothers!”
    Good luck to you Rosie!

  2. If I were American I would vote for Roseanne for president.

  3. I’ve never had any interest in voting…choosing the lessor of two (or three) evils. It still astounds me that it’s 2012 and this is all we’re working with…2 party politics, black & white, wrong & right, left & right. Iz bullshit.
    Rosanne, you’re the only person I’d bother voting for! The only candidate I’ve ever resonated with. I understand it’s a huge responsibility to give the rest a run for their money, but I wish you were being taken severely seriously. It’s the perfect atmosphere for such Goddess grounded wisdom! Everything is such a mess with the government. Globally, females have to stand up and put to bed this old tired (male) system.
    Anyone I’ve told…”I’m voting for Rosanne”, none of them have had any negative reactions. I find it interesting that despite you running on the down-low…everyone seems to be aware of your position, your logic, and has little criticism of it. Not sure you’re truly aware of this quiet power that’s radiating through you, but we NEED MORE of it!!! You’ve already found your voice, your roots, your power…now SHINE-SHINE-SHINE!!!

  4. Martin Covax says:

    I posted Roseannes photo of the snowcapped Hawaii to
    my FB page,and her event announcement…. because it was so awesome……
    I am wondering Hawaiians…what are those things sticking
    up on top of the mtns.???radar towers or what???
    Another issue with Roseanne on the political article
    is not just if she is taken seriously, msdesertrose,
    but donations for the TV ads etc…….people probably
    think she is a zillionaire and can fund it all herself.
    She is very capable of making an excellent 30 second and
    60 second TV spot……..I am kinda wondering about the
    status on the write-in factor…….this article is a year old…
    ..I don’t think Roseanne should wear herself out…should utilize all tech
    available to reach out…and be proud
    to NOT BE a typical homogenized candidate.

  5. I think it’s because you have to buy time and publicity. It takes millions to promote yourself these days. We have a state/ corporate sponsored North Korean style media. The media immediately maligns or ignores anyone they see as a threat to their two party dictatorship.
    But maybe the media doesn’t take her seriously because she is a comedienne, I don’t know. Maybe they think its some kind of Andy Kaufman style prank or something. I’m disgusted with mainstream news is all I know. But I’d say you probably have to buy time… commercials and such.

  6. Good vibes…… from the continent to:
    Rosh Hodesh Shivat
    “Goddess Temple Dedication”
    (Livestream) January 24th, 2012
    The (2) accompanying photos of Hawaii
    and of the Cosmic Goddess herself
    are B-U-TA-Ful……Now I miss Hawaii……
    I would love to watch…do you need skype?
    or any special set-up?
    _+*^#$%^&…Mixed feelings on the political article.

  7. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    It is true the media does not discuss Roseanne running for prez, and they need to. WTF media?

  8. msdesertrose says:

    Beautiful photo Roseanne!