Federal Grants Pay To Militarize Local Cops

 This is how the bastards plan bringing NDAA to your home town.




  1. I’m probably naive. I just don’t know WHAT else to do, except support goodness whenever i can. It does seem what I focus on shows up in my life, which is another reason i fear dwelling on this part of reality. My ex foucsed on ‘government horrors’ night & day. It drove him semi nuts & he became ‘them’……. a Fascist, disguised in spiritual guise. Of course, turns out he is a Sociopath too. UGH. Good luck everyone

  2. i can’t bring myself to read the article, your comments are scary enough. Maybe not a bad idea to be neighborly with your local police officers. Like, if you see them at Starbucks, etc. pay for their coffee & give them a genuine smile.

  3. Tippy -Lite says:

    The world is changing fast my friend Lady Jane, I’m glad to know that there are good folks like u and Meat out there….
    talking aloha, walking aloha and livin aloha
    ~Mahalo Aloha

  4. Tippy -Lite says:

    Well the carpet gotta b green girl! Cause u in Hi and we b LA Heeeeeyyyyyyyy!
    Only repect b inda eyes of JA!

  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    Unless they with u,TipiCanoe, then I’d roll out the magic green carpet…with all due respect.

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    I bet Id like yer sheriff friend. I could use one of my own, Sorry to sound so jaded. I will open my mind a little mas, Not everyone of anything is all bad. Does that sound too stoned? ((Exhale)0)I do have a thing for Gals with Guns, in uniform. But that is way more conceptual, than Actualized ,you know what im sayin, in a wink -wink nudge -nudge kind of way. Them showing up on my doorstep is another problem, indeed.

  7. Martin Covax says:

    well we are armed to the teeth here
    in the west San Fernando Valley…
    ..i hate all the this happening to our liberties…..
    I have also heard from people who dedicate
    their lives to this that they will be selective
    on who they take first………so if Canoe and myself….
    ….don’t post anything for a week or more…
    …we might already be under arrest
    imprisoned in a camp….or dead.
    Oh Beautiful,for spacious skies,
    for amber waves of grain.

  8. guessgrl1978 says:

    ugh more strict cops. where i used to live in a poor town, i could only afford old cars. i didnt use drugs or did anything bad. but cops saw the old car n would tail gate me. once i pulled over to check my oil cause the cop car was following me soooo close, like a inch away lol, and some cop was grilling me “have i been in prison” , “am i high” , “have u been in jail, come on come on tell me”. i was dressed good, didnt do anything bad, just a scared middle 20’s girl. my old cars (all in good condition, mind you) was always getting attention from nasty, harrassing cops. ugh now more of cop harrassment. not to mention what the horrible way they treat occupy protesters. they should get in trouble for that. and for pushing ellen barkin.

  9. ((((((exhale))))))))
    did that sound too stoned?

  10. I know, it’s not completely reassuring, but it’s true that there’s good and bad in EVERYTHING, so i’m glad to know a great woman within law enforcement with awesome ethics. She’s “family” so i know she has her earz open and eyez even wider….
    but it reminds me to say my new years resolution out loud and that is to “take myself out of my comfort zone”…something i suggest to everyone.
    if people aren’t inclined to make friends with law enforcement, they should “take themselves out of their comfort zone” and make a friend.
    Education those people are they way to make the difference. We have to find ways to speak “others” language so that we can find our commonality, as human beings.

  11. Ladyjane Green says:

    Well, tipi, thats sort of reassuring. That these law enforcement blog posters say they wouldnt b down with a nationalized po force. When its time to “follow orders”, we’ll see who will stand up. And who will seig heil. Why do i see some third law enforcement entity stretching its tentacles over to “do the job” that the local cops wont. Namely subdue and inter their neighbors. Watching many pieces of OWS street footage of NYPD in action shows us how young, and clueless these cops are. Many are female, many of color. Fueling race war antagonisims as their superior officers order them to subdue unarmed protestors. They are following orders. Just following orders, like the Nazis. 2018, why this year R? is this the “we all goin 2 camp year” Under-Class of 2018.

  12. beautiful. god bless the smart ones.

  13. Tippy -Lite says:

    My Friend is a Sheriff, I sent her this info and here’s what she sent back:
    Here is what the cops are saying about federalizing local popo

  14. 2018

  15. Ladyjane Green says:

    It certainly seems as if Satanic Santa has given these trigger happy fascists every toy they could ask for and then some. Lorad sonic cannons? laser blinding rifles? “stormtroopers” dressed in fancy fullbody riot armor, sheilds, and batons when there is no riot in sight. Its clear the sham government ruling this once proud country is buying the loyalties of the local cops so that when NDAA is enacted , theyll have no problems joining up with the”greater cause” to inter all of us terrorist-citizens. The Bloodless Gouls running this scam are doing so wuth the blood soaked taxdollars of the unfortunate captive taxpaying wageslave. They are using your/our money to create incarceration centers( kamps) for all the homeland terrorists out there who dare disagree with” The Man”. They are using you/ us for all we’re worth, draining the tax base and giving free wartime gear, power and privleges to those cops who are supposed to protect and serve the people of their communities. Instead they have been bought, lock, stock, and smoking barrel.To Protect and Serve, has become To Attack and Detain. Patriarchy in its death throes, is looking for much collateral damage. Build your armies of subjugation, Phallocrats. we are guerillas in the mist.
    “And the oppressors are trying to bring us down, tryin
    to put us underground. And they think that they have got the battle won, I say forgive them now they know not what they’ve done. And as sure as the sun will shine, I’m gonna get myself a share of whats mine,
    And Then The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall, One and All. Jimmy Cliff