Pope Benedict XVI: Gay Marriage A Threat To ‘Future Of Humanity’

 Big Queen.




  1. He gives me the creepers (& i grew up Catholic).

  2. Is that not pretty much what people thought of the “witches”? Look at all the sacrafice back then and yet we are still here and Wiccans did not turn the world in a horrow movie. What is this – if we do not understand it kill it? Only now it is not by actually murdering people, but by taking away their rights to be with the person they love, therefore killing them inside.

  3. the sexy sure did star in poltergeist 2:

  4. oh, god u crack me up…..blind nunz…omg u kill me…the shoes, in minno silver, must match the “fish mouth” hat.. and u know he can light a bulb (incandecent) in his mouth! Oh, sorry, that was “Uncle Fester”….both have matching circles under their eyes.

  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hiz most high molesters Cape Collection would make Elvis Blush! And the belgian lace undies knitted by blind nunz. Xxxquisite! And Oh The Shoes! The picture from the link has him in a red fuzzy suit edged in white fur. Someone sporting A Satanic Santa Snuggy! Oh my how I love bashin that scary ass Pope. And his groovey wardrobe! Sig Heil with a Holy Smyle… I smell cheap bourbon and insense censers,,,

  6. i love the bitches hat!

  7. Really, what a shit thing to do to place your fears, anxieties, superstitions on those who have done nothing wrong. And to do it from a pulpit of mass control.
    The sound of the tear from Sinead’s picture of the pope is as strong as ever.

  8. Thanx, started some needed good karma… here is one back at ya, in case you are not familiar with the devotion project… these evil doers and threat to humanity…

  9. While listening to the Republic debate on Saturday night, I continually heard candidates echoing the sentiment of the sanctity of the “three thousand year old institution of matrimony.” Now, the last time I checked my history books (which would be today since I am a teacher of World History), this three thousand year old institution of marriage that the candidates do not want to tamper with was a fairly oppressive institution for women. Women were denied control over their bodies and their property and polygamy was readily embraced.
    Indeed the institution of marriage that we think of today has evolved over the years to reflect the values of diverse cultures. In our culture, we value individual freedoms and rights. We also value individual liberty over state coercion. And we most certainly value the right for individuals to enter into contracts with other individuals. Finally, we value individual responsibility. When these components are combined, it seems that we would certainly value and endorse gay marriage.
    For in gay marriage, two consenting adults agree to be responsible for each other and the relationship. Two consenting adults embrace individual liberty over state coercion and individual rights and freedoms are preserved.
    Thus, gay marriage is not a threat to “traditional” marriage. “Traditional” marriage is doing a fine job imploding all on its own. Perhaps if consenting adults were free to marry without state restrictions, the percentage of marriages that last would actually increase.
    Indeed perhaps if gay marriage was legal in all states and tolerance was the rule rather than the exception, no one would have to feign heterosexuality and marry simply to fit in. Indeed people would marry for the right reasons: to love, to honor, to cherish till death parts them.
    Ah, the folly of prejudice is that it often harms the perpetrator too.
    Tolerance is the path to liberation for all.
    P.S. Roseanne, you are marvellous.

  10. Ladyjane Green says:

    hey R, Love the Fab new Prezzy Look, and share links to twitter and those other socmedias. Cool Upgrades!

  11. Ladyjane Green says:

    Humanity, what a concept. As if hizzoner really gives a pedophied fuck about hu Man ity,. Another smiling, happy satin clad Catholic Pope, what a great thing to see him in such high spirits. Must be the thought of all us fags and dykes roasting in ficticious homo hellfires.The Ratican must be creaming its jeans at Cathlick crusader Rick Santorum and his holy roller brigade. Betweem Him and Teblow I just cant hear the Name of God The Father any more frequently. Jesus Christ whats a godless, hell bound dyke to do?
    Well Ill tell you what we are going to do, Indulge in whole hearted Goddess Pursuits. Music, Art And Written word, in honor of the Muses. Here comes one now..
    IN wisdom, the mistress of the G0Ds
    The Old Testament “Asherah” is translated “Grove” , without any explanation that the sacred grove represented the Goddesses’ Genital center, birthplace of all things. In the Matriarchal period Hebrews worshipped The Goddess In groves, later cut down by the patriarchal reformers who burned the bones of Asherahs’ preists on their own altars.
    In Egypt she was also a Law Giving Mother, Ashesh, an archaic form of Isis; The name meant both pouring out, and supporting, the functions of her breasts. Some called her “Great Lady of Ashert, the lady of heaven, the queen of the gods” Barbara Walker
    Lets just soak that one in for a minute.. and burn a bone of our own in memoriam to those many followers of the Goddess who were sytematically eradicated in church sanctioned slaughters known as da Inquisition. Time has come to return to a Matriarchal Viewpoint. We are ready. The Beginning is Near…

  12. let us not forget that these evil doers and their concept of contraceptive imperialism has had one of the largest impacts on many parts of the third world… poor catholic heteros are to only practice the rhythm method… contraception and abortion are sins…I say they have fucked the gays and the straights… sex is just sinful… don’t they understand that anyone married after a few years no longer engages anyway? And hasn’t the heteros been such a model of solid marriage? This is the threat to humanity? WTF.

  13. OMG… that PEDO is crazy! He looks like a big nelly old bottom queen and this is coming from me–a gay man. How is gay marriage a threat to the future of humanity? I am seeing red on this! Roseanne do you mind if I share this on my site?

  14. Didn’t he star in one of the Poltergeist films? So… SATANIC!!
    66.6% of SUPREME COURT “justices” are ROMAN CathoLICK!!!!!
    (1/3 are Jewish – ..hmm, wonder how that happened? Oh yea, to give appearance of justice.) http://news.yahoo.com/court-judges-cannot-involved-church-dispute-152559467.html
    Build the GUILLOTINES, and SHE shall deliver JUSTICE!!!
    BARR2012!!! FIX THIS SHIT!!!

  15. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    he is NUTS!!!

  16. demon goblin