Pentagon Scientists Use ‘Time Hole’ to Make Events Disappear






  1. Damn. It was worth a shot.
    Oh, and I’d like to request that if you ever do actually meet me in person… please don’t kick me in the shins, or the nuts for that matter.
    You can kick my ass all you want though. Hell, I might even tip ya! ;)

  2. i don’t have any access skip.
    Just a regular old blogger passin along info.
    But i’m not your average angry -bear….
    (((((batting lashes)))))))

  3. Also, since you seem to have some level of admin access… can you pretty please hook me up a real account so that I can login without having to jump through a bunch of hoops via facebook login, which only works via Safari?
    I was participating mostly on the old forum for the longest time. I never set up a regular account before new accounts were cut off and have been having to launch Safari just to login here to comment via facebook. My original account for the old forum still works fine, but have had trouble logging in here since last May.

  4. Sho ‘nuf. But what you still don’t get is that I was never criticizing anything at all. I was actually reacting to the fascinating article and adding that it also is coming from a source that I respect. There was never any “bagging” going on. It was actually a complement.
    Comprende amiga?

  5. Here’s what’s important, if the 5gon can make worm holes and make time disapeer, they can do lot’s of other magic tricks too….
    this information of high technology facinates me, and the reason for it’s posting.
    i think DAARPA stands for Devilish-assholes ‘active reaper’ program…

  6. Yo dude i’m not even mad!!!!! it’s all good lets just forget it as there is much bigger fights to fight.
    really no biggy…..
    Forgive me for pinning you down in the sand box?
    I accept your olive branch, dropping the olives gently into my martini and smiling at you with lip-gloss perfection.
    Me? A mad person? You forgot “crazed” too.
    Now, if i were there, in person, I‘d kick your shins— and then change the subject entirely!
    Oh, and I’d also act like I didn’t do it! (crazed part)
    i appreciate my Irie Sista, for having my back and I’m appreciative when women have that type instict of protection for each other, because I do..and many don’t. So thanks for that Irie…….
    but don’t worry, I got this fool….
    Just kidding skip….
    Here’s the thing, and I noticed this when communicating with people more than once…
    sometimes, emails, texting and in writing in general, can leave out critical emotions, intonations and smiles, and depending on your mood, much interpretation can get confusing. Just ask R.
    I like the word rankle, and used it on you. It was effective. For the future, if you could restrain from making any comments on the sources of said articles, reason being that because Roseanne is busy, I supply them much of the time.
    I won’t bag on your art, don’t bag on mine…….k?
    Friends again?

  7. irie~spinsta,
    Sure, I’ll gladly take some constructive criticism because I’m at a loss as to why there’s any issue at all. And, I won’t pretend that I know the minds of any women at all. I can definitely appreciate that it’s possible we’ve got some anomalous miscommunication going on here that I could very well be at fault for. The problem is, I really don’t know what exactly I said or did to instigate the current discourse.
    At this point, my replies are more defensive and I agree… likely not helping resolve the communication error.
    Alpha CanU pounced on something else I posted that she felt questioned news sources. She also apologized and said she was just “sniffing me out”. I told her it was cool and that I understood. Why I’m being “sniffed out” now after being regular member of this community for more than 3 years now is baffling as well. Figured perhaps I’d earned a bit of acceptance by now.
    It seems the core issue is that Alpha CanU feels like I’m questioning the validity of the sources of articles on this site. I tried to explain in previous posts that I question every source no matter where it comes from. But, I would also offer the fact that I have shared many of the links on this blog recently and have commented several times that I am starting to come here as a good portal for alt news. I’ve also spread the word on this blog being a great aggregate of very interesting articles and an excellent place to get caught up on the latest without being bombarded with ads for gold, seeds, and generators, etc.
    Many here including Roseanne an vouch for that. I’m a friend of this site and enjoy participating in the community here. From time to time I like to share some of my current artwork links and travel stories, but I don’t feel entirely comfortable doing that very often since they are rarely related to the main post.
    So, thank you very much for your generous insight and much appreciated constructive criticism. Perhaps when I feel threatened or attacked, some primal male stuff gets me all puffed up to fight like a dog. What can I say? I am indeed a male and possess some of the less favorable traits of my gender, it’s true. I do however, make great effort to try and recognize when that is happening and correct myself when necessary.
    I believe that this has been a misinterpreted reading of the intention of my post. Plain and simple. And I’m very willing to drop it and am happy to extend a sincere olive branch to Alpha CanU if she’l have it.
    Thank you ire~spinsta :)
    Life’s short, I gotta get out and go find something beautiful to experience and share!

  8. irie~spinsta says:

    As a gal reading this conversation , Skip I have some constructive criticism if that’s cool . First off you could of just let it go. Then by making comments like ‘you don’t trust me do you’ (emphasis mine) and ‘you seem like an angry person’ , is overstepping boundries and defensive we just don’t say that to women we don’t even know. That is crap powerful women are accused of by patriachy to keep gals in a state of self doubt and alienation. Trust and respect are earned and rather intimate. Thanks for your time.

  9. Alpha CanU,
    You sound like a very angry person. I really don’t know you, and for all I know, you may have very good reason to be so angry. However, I can assure you that your anger is misdirected with regard to my original posting. There is nothing “snide” about it. You misread the posting above as you did with the other posting.
    Please take another look at what I posted.
    “Holy shiitake Batman!!! Granted, this is microfractions of seconds, but still.. in the big picture this has potential to be HUGE! And Wired is a fairly reliable source too.”
    I read the headline and followed the link. It’s an incredible story. I noticed it was at what I’d consider a decent source. I commented that it was an amazing story and from a source I personally find mostly credible. There is nothing “snide” about it. There was nothing “rankling” about it either. You read all of that into it yourself.
    Please exhale one more time and try to understand, I am not your enemy.

  10. Tippy -Lite says:

    Skip, take a chill pill dude. I didn’t say anything so insulting to you that was worthy of a six page dissertation.
    Attempts to kill the messenger instead of attempting to kill the message is interesting.
    To me, I don’t care if information comes to me on the side of a God damn comet, as long as its message resounds clearly.
    I’ve heard Gay hating Christian fundamentalist talk about Depleted Uranium….and I’ve learned something…..
    I’ve heard Jew hating Muslims talk about Wiki leaks and bullshit Julian Assaunge, and I’ve learned something…..
    I’ve heard rightwing black hating republicans spew truth about gun laws and Sovereignty and I’ve learned something…
    You’ve added a couple of snide comments about the sources posted here, without adding something of value about the topic itself.
    And that’s what I found rankling.
    So I’ve had a good “sniff” of you,
    And for some strange reason I vaguely smell burnt tires again.
    ~just sayin…

  11. guessgrl1978 says:

    u should come back. i like reading ur views on things and journys uve been on.

  12. Coolio. Figured you’d dig it.

  13. Moon Shadow says:

    just fucking with you… :)
    i’m jealous! would luv to have that freedom again.
    i already sent link to maori artist friend coming next year.

  14. I thought it was a cool utility. Thought I’d share.
    Be well brother.

  15. Moon Shadow says:

    Fuck your ‘kayak’ cheap-ass adventures!! ;)
    I’m gonna track u DOWN in my transformer HUMVEE.
    …and who said DARPA was ‘bad’?!? who needs high tech hologram/grid programmers when we have invisible soldiers in invisible flying hummers?!?!
    NOW! …i feel safe? :(

  16. It’s let go. Not important. I don’t know Alpha CanU and she obviously doesn’t know me. No biggy.
    I’m already starting to dream of my next adventure when I check out of all this and go immerse myself in some exotic culture. I’m thinking May.
    Here’s a gem of tip for the peeps here. If you’re looking for budget airfare for a given time of year, etc. Let’s say you want to take a trip but you’re flexible on your dates, you can go to Kayak and add an “explore” to the end of the url. You can then put in when you want to travel and roughly what you can pay… and see a global map of the best RT fares.
    Go here http://www.kayak.com/explore/ and dream with me. I’ll be back on the hunt for the true beauty this life has to offer before you know it. :)

  17. irie~spinsta says:

    Let go, Let Goddess.

  18. Well then, let’s just swap out “trust” for “respect”. When a given source as proven itself to have integrity and do it’s best to spread the truth, then that deserves respect.
    Just like when a member of a tribe continually proves their integrity and best intentions for the community, that member of the tribe deserves the respect of their brother and sister members of the tribe. Not throttled for no good reason.

  19. Ladyjane Green says:

    Trust,- verb, to hope or expect something to be true.
    Trust, like Hope, is a mental construct based on false dichotomy. Funny, R was just talking about it on KCAA today. She said Hope Operates from Despair, in a cycle, self sustaining. She was talking about the “freedom of hopelessness.” As opposed to the tyranny of false hope, that leaves one in a state of suspended animation, waiting, hoping and trusting. In what? the false Patriarchal hierarchy that has never been there for women since the “Garden Of Eden” get go. I interpreted that as the ground zero point of naked truth. When you have the courage to admit there is no hope(trust), you attain the freedom to change things. Sounds Crazy, but I believe there is truth to it. Demands a kind of Empathetic, no bull shit rationalisim approach. Humans, being the exercises in contrast duality that we are, are just(sometimes) bound to break each others trust, and destroy each others hope., its the nature of the Beast, this shitty dark duality we all as humans have. To deny this nature is foolish. I digress,
    ((Exhale)) In short, Spinsta, Trust, Like Hope is over rated, often inflated, and in need of a checking over for intent. Like the mythical Trojan Gift Horse. Sometimes you have to check that gift horse in the mouth… Hope and Trust are often described as Blind, never a desired status in the world of the seeing.

  20. @irie,
    I don’t know and am now tired of defending myself to Alpha CanU. I have no idea what Alpha CanU’s issue is, but I don’t suppose it really matters all that much.
    Got a few potential projects I’m waiting to get word back on for another week or so. After that, I’ll likely find a way to disappear for awhile and take a break from posting here for awhile.

  21. irie~spinsta says:

    What’s so great about trust?

  22. Wall Alpha CanU, you’ve expressed issues with my postings here on RW. I’ve done my best to address your “rankling” charge with no reply. If you wish to know anything else, please PM me on the old forum.

  23. How is this related to Darpa? Also, got any good links you feel are reliable regarding Darpa?

  24. Great video Moon! Just added it to my YT favs. Thanks!

  25. Alpha CanU,
    To be clear, I definitely think this is plausible/possible. And I do appreciate that excellent links on this site and share them on twitter etc. regularly. Check my feed.
    You made a comment that you were just “sniffing me out” or something like that, and said above that my comment was “rankling” to you. My reply was to let you know that it’s nothing personal, but I don’t trust any source 100%. Some are better than others.
    If I didn’t like the overall collection you and R are referencing here, I wouldn’t bother with it or continue to share them as I do. No “rankling” whatsoever was intended, but sometimes more can be read into something than was intended.
    I have no “inside” knowledge of what a credible source is. I usually pay attention to the sources that have a proven history of being mostly correct.
    You really don’t trust me do you? Why is that? I’m just a person who likes to get out in the world and experience all the people, culture, textures, etc. and try to write about the experience and make some artwork along the way. Here’s a fresh collection I’m currently working on in case you’d dig a little break to soak up some color and texture: http://www.kaleidoscopeofcolor.com/galleria/lithofusion/
    I’m an honest person and say what I think and believe to be true. I look for that same trait in the people I interact with and have found the majority of the tribe on this site including R to possess it in spades. I was in the military for 4 years and worked very closely with women for the whole of it because I was assigned to labor and delivery. I saw incredible feminine strength during that time.
    I’ve traveled extensively and don’t hide anything about myself including the fact I’ve experimented plenty with shamanic plants like ayahuasca deep in the Amazon jungle, derrumbe mushrooms with Mezateca priests in the mountains of Oaxaca, and have taken part in spiritual ceremonies during eclipse in Mayan ruins of Palenque. I’ve also worked with some North American Indians out in the desert of Northern Mexico with peyote. There have been other like experiences in Southeast Asia, and India.
    I remember traveling during the first Desert Storm gulf war of papa Bush. While I was completely disconnected from the outside world for a couple of months leading up to that, I couldn’t believe how well the media convinced so many people that it was some kind of giant super video game and that those laser-guided hits on pilot’s screens broadcast were actually raining down hell-fire on innocent civilians while Americans gathered around their TV sets gobbling up pizza, beer and cheering the U.S.A before flipping back to the football game. They didn’t seem to connect that the horrific images of school buses, ambulances, and charred human bodies trying to flee for their lives were the results of those psychotic missle command video games they where cheering on.
    I know the power of the media to use disinformation to mold the collective mind. Taking control of all communication and the messaging is the first thing Hitler did. So again, although I consider myself a welcome member of this RW tribe, I still question the source of any link I find regardless of where I find it.
    Telling you this with hope that perhaps you trust me a bit more. I feel the absolute quest and sharing of pure truth is among the highest of human aspiration.

  26. Tippy -Lite says:

    That rocked my world! Is that really Nicola’s voice?
    He sounds sooooooooooo sweet and beautiful!
    This is by far the best link i’ve seen in AGES!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  27. Moon Shadow says:

    The hologram is cracking… (now you see it now you don’t)
    quantum wave particle duality..

  28. Alpha CanU,
    Anyone who trusts everything they read on the internet as truth is foolish. Sorry to be blunt, but there’s A LOT of garbage disinformation out there. I’m sure you’re fully aware of that. I dig Roseanne and pretty much all the people I’ve interfaced with on this site over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean that I think anyone here is infallible.
    Unless you’ve got a team of fact checkers going over every fact, it’s simply not wise to read any report for any source without a bit of skepticism. Some sources over time have proven to be more trustworthy than others. I trust Wired for the most part and that’s why I remarked that way I did on this posting. However, I don’t trust sites that profit from selling fear like infowars.com. Alex Jones reports stuff that has proven to be factual. Sometimes it’s exaggerated, and sometimes it’s just plain false. His site is chock full advertisements for end of the world supplies like seeds and generators, so it’s profitable to be selling fear.
    Still, I remember reading about the Abu Graib tortures 3 months before the mainstream news picked it up. His site was right on the money and I don’t dismiss their reporting now as a result of that. But keep in mind, I live in Austin, TX and have heard Alex Jones warnings blasted from his megahorn since I got here in 1989. He was in the movie Slacker and A Scanner Darkly as a cartoon conspiracy character. He’s made his living off of it for over 20 years.
    I’ve sent Alex emails years ago on more than one occasion saying “Ok, Alex… I’m buying into your warnings, etc. but what are any of us supposed to do about it?” He never replies.
    That being said, I still visit his site from time to time for an update on the latest speculation, but always with a grain of salt.
    Some of the disinformation out there comes from paranoia, some of it is actually true, and some of it is put out there intentionally to muddy the water.
    I feel that R is a smart woman who sees and speaks the truth. I love that she does so without regard for how that might effect her career. I’m also thrilled that she might at least force some important issues into debate with her POTUS run.
    But just because there’s a link on this site doesn’t mean that I’m down with it hook line an sinker. I question all information regardless of the source. I’m sorry if that offends you.
    You said you were just “sniffin’ out the opposite gender” or something like that. Well yes, I’m a male. Guilty. But I recognize serious flaws with my gender’s energy calling ALL the shots for pretty much all of human history. And I do recognize there’s a huge problem in that the horrible greed and aggression is mostly the fault of patriarchy and that the only people with the power to really change anything are the same patriarchal aggressors.
    I feel that the whole of the human experience right now is seriously and dangerously out of balance. I believe that tipping the balance over toward the feminine for awhile and then gradually toward the center, is the only way our species will survive. Getting caught up in gender wars is primitive. We are all spirit expressed in either male or female vessels. This isn’t about the physical vessel, but the spiritual expression.
    Back to your questioning of my skepticism regarding links and news articles regardless of source. Have you ever read the Illuminatus Trilogy? If not, in this book the writers take wild, nearly unbelievable obscure facts and creatively mix them up with wild, nearly unbelievable but plausible fiction. At the end of the book you’re left utterly confused and believing everything and nothing at the same time.
    So, am I skeptical of EVERYTHING I read from any source? Yes. Again, guilty as charged.
    Next question?

  29. i just seem to be hearing you, more than once now, make comment about “reliable” sources, as if you perhaps have some “inside” knowledge about what’s institutional enough to be a “credible source”.
    seeing that i supply much content to this blog, i find your comments at times, “rankling”
    so there you have it.

  30. You rang?

  31. skippy, skippy, skip.

  32. Holy shiitake Batman!!! Granted, this is microfractions of seconds, but still.. in the big picture this has potential to be HUGE! And Wired is a fairly reliable source too.

  33. Tippy -Lite says:

    Darpa, Darpa, Darpa!