may all transmissions

thoughts words and deeds go back to their source quickly today-

Prayer to help Mother Earth regain Dominance over Monsanto   by Cathy Bilsky
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies!
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies!
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies!

I call to Michael the archangel to cut ties to all who created any kind of genetically modified anything on the planet including all black magicians giving GMO life and energy to everyone working at any kind of Monsanto facility including all ETs, Reptilians, Reptilian hybrids, or humans …. From the thought of their GM lab created inventions being dominant over all God created elementals. (Including our food supply)  This also includes who ever first thought of the idea to the money backers, lab scientists, all helpers, techs, and secretaries all the way down to the clean up crew. See all oaths, vows, wishes, dreams, and any overlays connecting all of the above to each other being removed from each other NOW! See this energy between them being dissolved by the violet flame and replaced with the human traits of love, compassion, kindness and a love for the earth. We ask that all who are trying to take GMO forward to step forward in the light of God and choose to stop. Realizing as they reconnect to the creator what they have done and do all they can to reverse the damage to the earth. If they choose to continue to do harm to the planet, which is their free will, I ask the Creator and their guardian angel to put them all in positions of harmlessness. We cut ties to all their money sources and funding redirecting it to all that are trying to save and help the earth heal.
I see everything connected to Monsanto falling apart. EVERYTHING ON ALL LEVELS. Cars, planes, all farm and lab equipment, computers,  GMO seed sand animals ,all communication devices and all world domination plans,  all law suits against any organic farmer ……Crumbling as we speak. Monsanto also being forced out of all govt. positions and blocked from phoning, lobbying or donating money to any elected official.  See Monsanto being removed from the FDA. See Monsanto not only loosing all military govt. contracts with their private army but having to disband it. See all counties removing them from their spaces and making them accountable for what they have done.
I now call to all the Creator, Cosmic Beings, Divas, Angels, all life forms to join as one group to help us recharge all the elementals air, earth, fire and water that creates our mother planet.  I call to all crystals on the planet and ask that they now amplify the DMT of all plants and animal life forms allowing everything to reconnect to the creator. As this happens see all planets, animals, and all life forms remembering their Divine blueprint to perfect health. See Mother Nature remembering that SHE has dominance on the planet. See all planets becoming stronger as they reconnect to the creator so NO GMO alteration can affect it. See Mother Nature regaining her strength as we also release her from all traumas she has taken on. Now see Mother Nature taking back the planet in a gentle kind loving way. See her natural God seed blowing on to all GMO crops and changing the GMO back to its natural state. We see all GMO seed dying out and refusing to grow. We call to the Goddess of truth to bring up to the surface where all the GMO crops are so they may be burned down and replanted with God made seed.

We now see everything GMO loose its resistance to Mother Nature and being over joyed that it now can go back to its natural state.
We also send the planet healing energy to all fault lines that are in stress. We send the violet flame thru those areas transmuting all built up energy in a gentle kind way or we see the earth gently ratcheting her self in many small movements. We ask that all earth quake prophecies are neutralized with stronger positive thought forms of calm and peace.
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies.
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies.
Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies.

We give energy to all organic farmers …..May the Creator fill all their hearts desires….Including attorneys who are divinely inspired on how to win against Monsanto. We see organic farmers being protected and winning against Monsanto becoming prosperous. 


  1. Thank you thank you Cathy and Roseanne for this prayer for all who say and do we echo with you Gaia goddess mother earth
    Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies!
    Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies!
    Mother earth IS DOMINANT over anything created by Monsanto and companies!

  2. Its morally reprehensible to create food that is genetically embedded with a terminator gene. This puts the entire food supply at risk. Over 300 species of corn in Mexico are at risk. Years of genetic diversity may be wiped from the earth with each planting season.
    We need to keep this issue in the public dialogue. Bayer Chemical is also doing this.

  3. dashus christ says:

    These very STRONG Beautiful Words of Cathy (word smith) completely cover All we need for The Brilliant Light streaming in&out of Us for Shared LIGHT 2nite. Friday Light!
    TY Cathy for more of your art creation here & Roseanne for posting this Meditative Prayer

  4. I pray to god that Roseanne becomes the president of the United States. She is such the right person for the situation we are in right now. It’s time we kick all that stupid crap the government keeps feeding us to the curb. It’s getting very old that this country just doesn’t seem to learn. You have to try and think OUTSIDE of the box, and that’s exactly what Roseanne has done here. I wish there was some kind of a campaign I could sign up for to help with her getting the word out! I would do it in a heart beat. I am trying my best to spread her message and let the people know you don’t have to be on the bottom anymore supporting the government, when the government should be supporting you! that’s what it’s there for! and it also should be way more accessible to the people as well.
    I love you Roseanne and that’s one thing the world needs more of is love. You can do this! I wish you the best! And me and my tribesman will be voting for you!!!!

  5. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I love the Monsanto preyer-As it is so wrong what they are doing. Thanks to Cathy for thinking it and Roseanne for posting it.

  6. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Everything you wrote on how we need to think before we open our mouths, is true as i have been telling people for years. But people do not take our advice,because they think we are just crazy. Thier loss.

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    Rock the boat!, (dont shock the boat baby,) Rock the boat!, (dont tip the boat over)! LoLz to the tipicanoe! Do you remember that cheezy 70’s tune, cuz LJG singing it in honor of yer re- mooring. Dropping Anchor, dripping rancor, Its a Pirates life fer me. Good to have u back.

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    “Transitions, Transmissions, Oh my TVC-15, oh oh oh TVC 15. (with much thanks to David Bowie.) In these chaotic times “following our words, deeds, actions, and transmissions back to their source” is indeed harder than it sounds, but not impossible. Being accountable for what we say and do is the first step. LJG is working for greater control of the whole ” think before you speak” conundrum, since i am usually doing both at the same time. Accountability for our actions can only improve this shakey/quaky moral landscape we are presently occupying. We the People must find these moral ideals within ourselves! The popular culture, government, media and religions have dropped the morality ball, fallen down and cant get “it ” up again. When our” priests” are molesters, when “peace officers” are beating the crap out of protesters exercising what they thought were their rights to assemble, when a secret Sex tape is enough to propel a talent- free Bim and her equally talent free siblings to superstardom. When we (tha USA) who used to call out and sanction against human rights abuse, have become the abusers
    of the world, It Is time for a morality reboot. And the haters say we Gays are the immoral ones.

  9. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Yes i am with you there.
    Shabat Shalom

  10. ((((Pulling duct tape off mouth))) and removing large bar of soapy “Life-Boy” …..spitting on the ground like old Jewish woman, “ ahhhhhccccccccct!”
    “My point exactly.”

  11. Sometimes apples carts have to be upset for there to be positive changes.

  12. Hi Roseanne…I am a 47 year old girl who has up to this point in her life not made a difference..I would really like too…I have never been given an opportunity to shine..and I admire you so much for your balls to the wall attitude…If you need any kind of assistance here in the field call me…I will do whatever I can to help!
    what i have to offer is my loving spirit, my desire to help change a small part of my world, a camera and my word that i will do anything I can to help you! Thanks for listening..thanks for all the humor Peace, macfan64@yahoo.com

  13. hey Roseanne thanks for all ur help I really appreciate it :)

  14. Okay I just joined twitter my username is MadeleineMaharg

  15. if u get a twitter account or join the forum here you can dm or pm me here or there-no one will see

  16. Hey,um is there anyway that I can tell u without everyone seeing what I write?

  17. Roseann Barr,
    You upset my apple cart this morning but in the best way possible! I believe that everything happens for a reason and as a Green Party supporter for some time now I planned to give my support to Jill Stein until I came across your intent to run for office. I have very strong opinions but not the way of speaking them the way that you do and I believe people will listen to you! It is blatantly obvious things are not working in the system and have not been working for a long time. It’s time for a change and I want to be a part of that change so you get my vote and my support! Thank you for giving voice to those of us who know but can not “speak,” the way that you can and do! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results! Why do we, as a society keep doing this? Now that’s a question to ponder over a tall glass of lemonade ( that of course, a woman will make and serve )! I could go on forever but I won’t…………you have my vote Roseanne! And my thanks! Sure wish I could have been standing there as you gave your speech I would have turned the pages for you! Elizabeth

  18. what is it you want to ask?

  19. Yeah she’s awsome I’ve been watching her my whole life :)

  20. totally cool roseanne resonates with today’s 15 year olds.

  21. ur the shit! :D

  22. Hi Roseanne,
    my name is Madeleine and although you may not know you have helped me through a lot of difficult times in my life and for that I am forever grateful. No matter what happened I could always count on you for your great advice whether I find it in on of your books or an episode of Roseanne, I’m 15 years old now and I need someone advice I can recite every episode from start to finish every book from back to front but I just can’t find it this time and I didn’t know who else to ask.
    If you get this please reply. If you can’t help me that’s okay I would just like to thank you for all the times you did when no one else would.

  23. Ooops on the repost! The blog got the best of me. :)

  24. Roseanne! I heard an interview of yours, 3-4 months back, and believe you would be interested in checking out a new website: ArrestWanted.com. If you like what you see (use your imagination), please support and share the site with your friends. Thanks! http://ArrestWanted.com/

  25. Roseanne! I heard an interview of yours, 3-4 months back, and believe you would be interested in checking out a new website: ArrestWanted.com. If you like what you see (use your imagination), please support and share the site with your friends. Thanks! http://ArrestWanted.com/

  26. I’m hoping these words might find you.
    I produce a group of Indy radio shows on BTR connective to the global OCCUPY Movement. The production is called “Here Be Monsters”. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/here-be-monsters
    We are a small (read only a couple thousand listeners) set up, yet, we contribute a connective-ness to the movement and to committed, involved Occupiers. This is a pretty ham-handed way to inquire if you would give us an interview on your political values and what your awareness of the OCCUPY movement is evolving to? (I know you stopped down to support OWS and have been positive in your ongoing support)… We NEED STRONG VOICES OF SUPPORT, Ms. Barr. Many intelligent people lend an ear to what you say. I’m hoping this invitation finds you and that you might consider give us a half hour or hour to express your political values and expectations concerning OCCUPY. Spring approaches and we are getting excited. We could use your voice. Understandable that you are committed to many projects and all… just a hope, here. Please know (our small portion of the OCCUPY community) supports You! Thankx. much.
    I honor you as a neighbor of the Huna Mother, Manuna Kea. In that resonance, I bid you Aloha. :-)

  27. Hi Roseanne!
    I hope this message gets to you somehow…Having never posted on a blog before, not quite sure how this sort of thing works actually?
    I am compelled to express my thanks to you today, no matter what!! I have (in the past) attempted to write to you for this same purpose, but have stopped short of completing, or sending those forgotten notes because of my own insecurities of not wanting to sound or look foolish. But today it seems, I am without that fear and will make the commitment to follow through for once and for all!
    You are such a truly talented and inspiring person in so many ways! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the messages that you are always trying to put forth and convey to the world….. and to women in particular….via your TV appearances, your comedy programs, the cable specials, your books and the most recent internet “live streaming” show that I watched the other night, in celebration of Rosh Hodesh Sh’Vat. I hope that you eventually were able to decide on the new name for your temple!
    I can’t wait to see the premier of your new show “Downwardly Mobile” which I am sure will be hysterical! I only hope that the network executives will allow you to do what you do best…..bring laughter to real-life situations, as well as messages that are smart and valid and worth sharing with the world!
    Thank you Roseanne…for being true and authentic to who you are and what you are capable of. I feel fortunate that I am able to “experience” Roseanne World too! LOL
    I believe that the world is a better (and funnier!) place because of you. God Bless You!

  28. anniejcooper says:

    ive been so calm all weekend, hope it continues. your voice is mesmerizing. i hope you do those ALOT!